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Pond no more, hooray for a living room floor!

When we first moved into this house, eight and a half years ago now, we had very different needs in a home.  We purchased for two reasons:  One, it was cheaper than renting.  Two, with all of our pets it just made sense to own.

The first thing my husband did was to rebuild the bathroom (seriously, the one that was here when we moved in was SCARY).  He put in a soaker tub and a shower.  We put down new flooring.  I painted, built a vanity.  We made it work for us.

The second thing I did was to build up the floor in the living room by several inches and sink a 250 gallon pond into it.  Damon then helped me put down flooring on the subfloor I put in.  I painted and my mom and I made curtains.

At the time, it made sense for us to have that pond in what would have been a living room.  We had, after all, purchased the house so our pets would have a place to live.  But, nearly a decade later, our needs are vastly different.  Most of the turtles have passed on (from old age or heartbreak when their oldest dearest turtle-friend died), there’s only one left now.  Tetsuo, Sesami, and Tama Chan are all waiting at the rainbow bridge, and Tsunami doesn’t need an entire pond to herself.  But you know who does need that space?  Our four year old daughter.

So on Monday my husband pulled up all the tiles.  On Tuesday he pulled out the subflooring I put down.  On Wednesday we bought more 2x6s and plywood.  On Thursday and Friday he built a new subfloor.  Today he put down new tiles.  There are still a few to go down… but we’re mostly there.

I do a lot of our home improvement stuff, simply because I’m the one who wants it done.  So it felt really nice to have him doing this for our daughter and me.  I don’t think he cared much either way, so I know he did it for us.

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