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My Compucapable Husband

Ode to DH

A poem by TD Smith.

My man? He’s hot.

4 gigs of ram, he bought.

“Install it myself?  I’ll take a shot.”

“It won’t be easy”, others thought.

My man?  He’s unshakable.

It’s unmistakable,

He’s impressively capable.


If, at this point you’ve realized nothing else, you should be keenly aware that a poet I am not.  But hey!  I’ve got a smart husband, who is totally compucapable…  and that’s pretty hot.  Intelligence is sexy.

And yes, he again performed an upgrade on one of our computers (this one’s a four and a half year old iMac).  He’s given it new life, new pep, new vigor.  It was still doing pretty well for it’s age, but now it’s like a brand new machine again.

Thanks Damon.  Mwah!



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