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Where is Christopher Now? (a video of Ivan Coyote)

Ivan Coyote was invited to attend Breaking the Silence this year as our keynote speaker.  Her down to earth stories and sense of humor speak directly to each person in her audience, making you forget the distance between the stage and yourself.  As if sitting down for coffee with a friend who just needed to talk.

In the clip I’ve shared below, Ivan tells a story about Christopher, a much loved family member…  about how her cousin inspired her to go into schools.  About how we all shit, it’s the great leveler, and how a poop story can get students and others to identify and invest in Christopher.  How it can get people to care.

Take a few minutes and watch Ivan tell her story.  It won’t take long, but in those few minutes, you may change for the better…  thanks to a little boy named Christopher.

I’ll be sharing more of Ivan and the Breaking the Silence conference in the next couple of days.  I have more videos, more pictures, and more stories.  All of which are so very worth sharing.  So I hope you’ll keep coming back to see more.  🙂

Gerbil Bullying

All too often, bullying starts in the home.  It’s where kids learn their first behaviour patterns.  It’s where they learn those attitudes that are ingrained by the time they start school…  the attitudes that then come out in their interactions with their fellow students.

I was heartened to learn that there had been an anti-bullying assembly at my daughters school.  And further so that the pre-k class was invited to attend.  After the assembly, when back in their class, the teachers asked the kids if any of them could name one of the two types of bullying that had been talked about.  Lily-Ann was the only one who spoke up, proudly announcing “Gerbil Bullying”.  A little humour thrown into an otherwise very serious issue.  Obviously they’d discussed physical and VERBAL bullying, but her four year old ears heard gerbil.

If you ever take away anything from this blog, it’s this:  be careful what you say.

You never know who’s ears are listening, who is absorbing your hate (however well veiled).  When you speak, do so with kindness, and with the thought of improving the dysfunction present in our world.  Bullying is every persons responsibility.

Another youth lost to suicide…

How many of our youth need to die before enough people take notice and make change happen?  This weekend another young person took their own life after experiencing all the homophobic bullying they could handle.  Tonight we had our wrap-up meeting for Camp fYrefly 2011…  and all I can think is that if this young man had the kind of community we’ve built here, perhaps things never would have gone that far.

Tomorrow, please wear purple.  It’s a small thing we can do.  October 20th is wear purple day.  Wear purple in a show of solidarity against homophobia.  Wear purple for equality.  Wear purple to let our youth know that there are options.  We can make things better RIGHT NOW.  We don’t have to wait.

Don’t wait.

Someone in this young mans life may have been waiting for the right time to talk to him….  for the right time to tell him that he wasn’t alone.

Don’t wait.

Make it better.


read more about Jamie Hubley at:

For all the gender-variant and sexual-minority youth…

For my campers, the Alumflies of Camp fYrefly 2011 (both Saskatoon and Edmonton), and for all the gender-variant and sexual-minority youth heading back to school.  Hold your heads high.  Be proud of the incredible, beautiful people you are.  Shine a light in dark places for all those who have none.  Know you are loved, you are treasured.  Build a community around yourself.  Find safe spaces.  Identify the supports in your school or on your campus, and if there aren’t any, then come find adults like us who will support you in the greater community.  Know that IT GETS BETTER!

Be brave!  Be strong!  Be safe!


For my fYreflies:

*jumping up, arms thrown wide over my head, tossing glitter far and wide*

TA DA!!!!




Exciting times ahead…

I just got home from a Programming Committee meeting with Camp fYrefly SK.  Super exciting things on the horizon.  The next couple months are going to be pretty amazing, and camp this year really is going to the best yet.  If you haven’t got your application filled out yet, I strongly urge you to hop on over to the Camp fYrefly website as soon as you’re done reading this post.

Application deadline for Youth Leaders and Adult Volunteers is June 15th – that’s only a couple of weeks away.  And the camper deadline (though it hasn’t been officially set yet) will not be much past that.  August may feel like a world away at this point, but it’s closer than you think.

It’s going to be a crazy busy Summer for me.  So very much to do, but such exciting work towards such an amazing end!

camp fyrefly saskatchewan - a leadership retreat for queer and gender variant youth


Looks like Jack Frost has been busy painting the prairies with his icy brush.  Most everything has a glinting layer of white.  Beautiful, but chilly.

Go Frost Yourself! 😉


Just a reminder… the candlelight vigil in remembrance of the lives lost this year due to bullying is tomorrow night.  Please join us at the Vimy Memorial Bandshell in downtown Saskatoon.  We will be there from 7-8.  Bring candles, wear warm clothing, feel free to set up lawn chairs and blankets…  just come.  Please feel welcome to share your own stories, or listen to those of others.  The theme is “it gets better”.




In Saskatoon?  Feel a need to be involved in something really important that could change lives for the better?  Join us on Saturday evening for one hour in the park.  Hold a candle, share a story, listen… and let kids know that IT GETS BETTER!

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