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Junior Handling Debut!

Lily-Ann made her junior handling debut today…  and she had everyone there laughing.  Yesterday while practicing during the Puppy Classic (which was happening in ring two, while we practiced in ring three) the girlie looked like an absolute pro.  She walked into that ring like she owned it.  Marnie gaited perfectly with her, tail up, happy – nay, thrilled – to be there with her person.  Today?  Excitement took over.  LMAO  Marnie didn’t know if Lily-Ann was coming or going.  And it was SUCH a hoot.

The judge asking the girlie to do a "down and back".



Watch the video, for the whole story – including Marnie leaving the ring to look for me:

SKOC Dog Show

It’s the weekend of the Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club Dog Show here in Toontown.  So come on down to the Soccer Center (behind the Lawson Heights Civic Center/Library) Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning to have a peek at all the dogs and to catch some of the action.  Best of Show will be happening just after lunch each day, and Chihuahuas will be in the ring at either 9:00 or 9:40 each day.  The wee girlie will also be making her debut on Sunday.  She’ll have her very first trip into the Juniors ring at about 1:30 – and we’re all super excited for her.  😀

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