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singing: “Friends ‘n Family are Coming to Town”

I know I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it now, but you’ll also likely hear it from me in the future too…  I love it when family comes to town.  And ’tis the season for visits from friends and family.  😀

My husband’s grandpa is in town this weekend.  So this evening we all gathered at Auntie Janet’s place for supper, drinks, and frivolity.  I’m way too tired to share all the laughs tonight…  we just got home at about quarter to 11:00 and I put the girlie to bed and popped onto the computer to post here.  But what I can do, is share a few short videos.  We often travel with the Wii and the iPad.  The Wii to get our groove on (whether it’s dancing or playing fake instruments, we’re all about the music games) and the iPad to capture it all and embarrass everyone with later.  😉  Yes…  we’re THOSE relatives.  LOL

So here ya go, some of the family, shaking their “groove thangs”:


So, mostly today I’m just exhausted.

What better time to have family by to play Just Dance on the Wii.

Getting down with Boney M!


As tired as I may be, I’ll always find joy in getting together with people we love.  🙂

She can dance and draw…

We spent much of our afternoon and early evening with my family.  Visiting, eating, playing…  it’s always a nice time.  🙂  I’m so thankful to have them near by.  I can’t imagine the wee girlie growing up without family all around her,  I’m happy she can grow up like I did, with a strong supportive extended family.  I really do feel very lucky.

I couldn’t decide between two images today.  One showing off the wee girlie’s drawing skill, and the other showing Lily-Ann and my sister Marie “getting down”.  LOL  So here’s both.

Balloon Boy

Lily & Marie playing "Just Dance II" on the Wii.

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