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Absolutely Enchanting!

I had actually planned on blogging about some pretty big things that are going on right now politically.  There’s some big stuff happening that both lactavists and internet users should both be aware of…  but you know what?  I need tonight to just recharge.  So I do hope you’ll forgive me.

Instead of taking the time to blog, I chose to sit and look at my beautiful, amazing, incredible, creative, loving, rambunctious, stick-to-it kid.  I know I’ve said it before…  but as a co-sleeping momma I think about it often.  I am so grateful for these night time moments.  When I can just lay beside my awesome daughter, taking everything in.  She recharges me.  She sometimes drains me too.  LOL  But she always gives me so much more than she ever takes away.  I’m a lucky mommy.  And she is my joy.

Sleeping Beauty


So… it’s a short blog post.  But I’ve got more important things to do.  Like snuggling with my sleeping girlie.

Beauty – Challenging Your Ideals

A fellow writer, Mom, and Canuck, wrote a blog post today entitled “Owning My Own Beauty“.  It lead me to “Own Your Beauty“, an online campaign hoping to change the way women think about beauty.  It was this that got me thinking tonight.

When I hear the word beauty, or more specifically, when I think about beautiful people my list may be different than some.  Many end up with a list similar to People magazine’s most beautiful people list.  I truly believe the people on my list are far more deserving of the word.  Here are some of the first people who come to mind for me:

Gabrielle - beautiful and brave

Crystal Clear - beautiful and gutsy

Trae - beautiful and steadfast

Cassaundra - beautiful and dedicated

Shavonne - beautiful and fierce

Each of these persons is amazingly beautiful, inside and out.  Incredible fighters, working for a cause, determined to bring us into a better world free of discrimination and prejudice.  These are the sorts of people our daughters should be looking up to.  Each willing to put themselves on the line, willing to speak their minds, unwilling to compromise on what’s important.  They may believe in different things, they may work towards different ends, but they are all beautiful incredible people.

Apologies to the many, many more beautiful people I know.  It would have taken me ages to create a complete and exhaustive list featuring all of you.  And to those of you here, I hope you don’t mind that I just snagged one of your facebook photos.  Some of you I have photos of that I took myself (but I’m not posting from my desktop computer so don’t have access to them just now) and others I’ve never met in person (but do hold out the hope that one day I will).

How many beautiful people do YOU know?  If you open your eyes AND heart I’m sure you’ll find that they are everywhere.  🙂

Night everyone,

Be kind to each other.

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