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Latent tendencies revealed through facebook crossword?

So…  this image is currently making the rounds on Facebook.  I actually think it’s a pretty clever little thing.  Whether it actually means anything or not, who knows.  But it is interesting – and is getting folk talking (which, in my books, is always a good thing).

I’ve increased the size by quite a bit as it was horribly tiny previously.  Hopefully this will help some people play along.  So?  What three words did you first find?  Mine were READS, SEE, and WISDOM.  If nothing else, I think it says something about what I value.

READS – I read to my daughter from chapter books every night, and I believe that we (as a society) are who we are because of our stories.  Without our stories, our journeys, our shared narratives, there isn’t much of value left.

SEE – I believe in looking beyond the surface to find the truth in everything.  We must do more than look if we are truly to see.

WISDOM – From the first two things – our stories, our vision – comes wisdom and knowledge.  And I learn constantly how much I don’t know.

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