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So You Want to Be a Wizard

The cover of my twenty year old copy of So You Want to Be a Wizard.So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane was one of my favourite books as a kid.  I think I was about seven when I read it.  The bookmobile had just gotten a copy of it and I remember my name was the first one on the book slip – I always loved it when that happened.  I absolutely devoured it, and then couldn’t wait for the end of the week when the bookmobile would again be parked next to Dr. Seager Wheeler Park so I could tell the librarian about it – to ensure she stocked the next book when it came out.

A few years ago now, I saw an old copy (though not so old as the one I would have first read) on the “for sale” rack at our little neighbourhood library.  It was old enough that it still had the kraft paper envelope glued onto the first page – where the book slip would have slid in so perfectly.  I grabbed it pretty darn quickly, and when the girl was done checking out her books I gratefully handed over the quarter (or two, I can’t recall exactly how much it was) that the paperbacks withdrawn from the library collection sell for.  When we got home, I stashed it away on a shelf, knowing some day my girl might just love it as much as I did… and excited that it would be here waiting for her.

Inside my copy of So You Want to Be a Wizard, the withdrawn stamp and the kraft paper envelope... memories.

Tonight we started reading the brittle, crinkly pages, each one crackling and popping as they were turned.  There is just something special about older books.  Something magical in the way they sound, feel, and smell.  Even leafing through them is a journey…  and I’ll admit to a palpable tingle in the air as I listened to the pages turn taking us to the prologue and our epic adventure.

As my husband read aloud, I was taken back to the very first time I read So You Want to Be a Wizard.  And I was quickly reminded why I loved it so much, even then.  I was never one for flaky books with characters as thin as the paper their lives were printed on.  Even as a kid, I liked my words meaty, purposeful, and true.  Listening to Nita’s experience going back into the children’s section of her little library, I relived those first moments of discovery, when I knew what it was to stumble – with her – onto the amazing book and looking forward to where it would take her.  …yep, I’m going to enjoy doing this again.  😉

Paper Mache Fireflies

Long day.  Seriously long day.

Run the girlie to my mom.

Run home to get some stuff taken care of.

Run to the U of S for a photo shoot.

Run back to my parent’s place to grab the girlie.

Run back home again.

Run off to get a tour of the place where Camp fYrefly will be held (Thanks for driving Herb!).

Run back home again.

Run to pick up Damon from work.

Run back home again to grab our library books.

Run to the library.

Run home – yet again – to let the dogs out for a potty break.

Run back to my parent’s place again (because we always go for a visit on “library day” aka Tuesday).

Run out to do some grocery and craft supply shopping while the girlie hangs with my parents.

Run back to their place.

Run amok in the yard with loads of balloons, flour, water, newspaper, and sticks for a couple hours.

Run back home (for the last time).

Run the dogs back out into the yard.

Run the girlie straight into bed for a chapter and sleep.

I’m pooped!

But we got a good start on our paper mache fireflies.  They should look great!  *knock on wood*  Still a couple more days of work to go on them – AND I still need to sew the girlie’s outfit for the parade.  But we’ll get it all done and be ready for Satuday.  LOVE LOVE LOVE being a part of the PRIDE parade every year.  😀  I may be going a little batty just now, but it’s going to be soooo worth it if these fireflies work out.  How totally cute will they be!  Seriously.  😀

Busy, busy day.

Spent the morning with the wee girlie.  Playing, cuddling, colouring, eating, getting ready for pre-k…  Then the afternoon was devoted to Green Party business, including chairing an executive meeting.  In the evening we picked up my sister Jewles, and headed off to the library.  Following that it was over to my parents for some supper, where we helped my Dad navigate through the maze of uploading media on his Mac and iPod.  Put the wee girlie to sleep.  Then worked on Christmas presents and played on facebook for a wee bit.  Now, laying in bed, girlie beside me, posting on the blog.  Whew.  LMAO

Tomorrow morning will be much the same (and my favourite part of the day because it’s just me and the girl), in the afternoon I’ve got presents to work on as well as some scrapbooking business to attend to.  Then it will be off to my parents place to help decorate the tree.  😀  Sooo looking forward to that.  Because we’ve just got the tiny half tree that hangs on the wall (will share a picture when we put it up) I really do enjoy helping set up my parents tree.  And I’m sure Lily-Ann will too.

Now, I’m going to share a photo of the girlie playing at the library.  Then I’ll be playing a bit of Warstorm on FB.  And nighty night.  LOL  Just me and the dogs awake in the dark (Damon is up on the desktop computer).  😀

Playing at the Library!

It’s Library Day!

We love Tuesdays.  🙂


Because Tuesday is Library day!  And we LOVE going to the Library.

This week Lily-Ann asked to go to the “big Library”… which is what we call the three level, main, downtown branch.  Because, well… it’s pretty darn big.  LOL

Today the wee girlie made a friend.  I ended up picking out her books, her CD, and her Daddy and I picked out her movies.  She was too busy reading, and playing.  Which is just fine by me.  It was nice just peeking around corners watching the two girls play.

Two Girls... Fast Friends.

Class, say hello to Mrs. Morgan.

Well, guess who I ran into at the wee girlie’s school.  🙂  That’s right!  Mrs. Morgan.  Well blow me down, you say?  Yep, bout knocked me knickers off.


Okay, so obviously I’m working on a lack of sleep here.  😉

Back to the beginning?

You bet.

So, I was hanging out in the hallway waiting for the wee girlie’s class to let out so we could walk home.  When out of nowhere (okay, so not out of nowhere, she walked out of the library) came an old family friend.  And I don’t mean old as in “in my day we walked 20 miles one way, up hill, through four feet of snow, with a spoon as our only shovel” way, but in the “they’ve been friends of our family for a long time” way.  LOL

As it turns out, Dawn is the librarian at the wee girlie’s school.  Which is absolutely fabulous.  I knew she was a librarian, but didn’t realize she was at Lily’s school. So it’s very cool…  and was very comforting for this mommy to see such a familiar and trusted face there.  🙂

Mrs. Morgan's Library

A new hairdo for Lily-Ann

Just like the title says, the wee girlie got a new hairdo today.  🙂

We’ve been reading a book from the library about Rapunzel, and so the wee girlie has decided she’d like to have long “tresses”.  Of course, this is just as we’d decided it was time for another hair cut.  The phase will likely pass though.  But, until it does I’m bound and determined to make her hair as easy care as possible.  So, here she is, hair still damp from being freshly washed and styled.  LOL  These wee braids (or chunky cornrows) should last for a while, and help cut down on the tangles.  And she was such a big girl while I put them in too.  Stayed nice and still, even though I know it pulled when I started each row.  I was very proud of her.

Sitting still for a sec, cause Mommy asked for a picture.

The view from above. 🙂

Reading with Grams

On Library day, when we drive my sister Jewles home, we always head in for a visit.  Dad and Damon talk sports, Jewles and I hang out, and the wee girlie and her Grams read her library books.  🙂  It’s one of the many reasons I love library day.  It’s just a nice way to end a nice evening.

Lily-Ann and Grams, reading a book

Reading with Grams

Books Come Alive!

Dinosaur adventure at the childrens library

Live the Adventure – at your local library

Another capture from one of our many trips to the library.  🙂

Books are not babysitters…

watch your children

Signs signs everywhere are signs - Nikon D70

Taken tonight during one of our MANY trips to the library.  Books can be many things to many people…  but one thing they are not, is a babysitter.  Watch your children.  😉

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