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Mmmmmm…. We Made Monkey Wraps!

Monkey Wraps, with banana, peanut butter, and chocolate

Monkey Wraps are something I came up with several years ago now.  Others have come up with similar ideas (I’ve seen something like them called a breakfast wrap once about a year ago now), but any way you slice them, they’re an excellent breakfast, lunch, or snack table staple for little hands and mouths.

Now that Lily-Ann is four, she makes these herself – with supervision…  which makes them even better than if I’d done them.  🙂  And seriously, if a preschooler can put them together, you know you should be able to.

This is a four ingredient meal that is excellent in lunch boxes, for an after school snack, for breakfast on the go, or for anytime you need something simple yet relatively healthful.  All you need are 8″ wraps, bananas, peanut butter, and a chocolate spread.  We really like using organic bananas as they taste WAY better, and we prefer peanut butters that are nuts ONLY (without the extra ingredients).  The chocolate spread and the banana give plenty of sweetness without needing a peanut butter with sugar in it.

the kid's wrap, prior to wrapping it

Above, you can see what the inside of the kid’s wrap looked like before wrapping it up.  Put as little or as much of the chocolate spread and the peanut butter as you like.  I usually leave the bananas whole, but Lily-Ann likes to break hers into pieces.  Either way works.

a little smear of peanut butter will help seal the wrap

This one is mine…  part way closed.  Take a look at the edge – it’s a trick I use when making ANY type of wrap.  Use a little bit of peanut butter (or in a savory wrap use mayo or cream cheese) along the edge.  When you wrap it up, it will help seal it closed so it doesn’t pop open when you let go.

Slice them into pieces.  I find thirds works perfect for little ones – but for a bite size snack on a tray cut them into one inch thick rounds and serve them with a variety of other finger foods.  And enjoy!

the girlie, chowing down on a monkey wrap

Chowing Down!

The Girlie’s 4th Birthday Party!

Nothing but photos for you tonight.  I’m just too darn tired to do anything else.  LOL


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Some days are just too full.

Today, while mostly awesome, was just too full.  And I honestly wish I could have taken today away from work of any kind.  But we are now down to crunch time with Camp fYrefly and I had to work on sending out acceptance packages.  There are still a lot more to go out – but I got a good start on them… and will keep working on them tomorrow.

Why did I want today off?  Well, the wee girlie only turns four once.  And today was the day.

When she woke up (extra early, after a restless night, of course) I checked her over thoroughly.  Inspected each and every inch, looking to see if there were possibly any three year old parts left.  She giggled like mad as I peered at her armpits, checked between each toe, pinched her cheeks, wiggled her nose, and peeked into her belly button.  But no.  It appears that every single part is now a four year old part.  There are no three year old parts left.

Before afternoon had a chance to commence, we hit the mall.  Now… this particular mall is one we usually avoid.  It’s just too crowded, too teen frenzy, and just too full of memories for me (not bad memories, just lots of them, around every corner).  But on special occasions, we venture through the underground parking and emerge into it’s well lit crazitude (as I’ve mentioned before, making up words has a long, grand, history behind it… all the brightest, most awesome writers do it).  Today was one of those special occasions.

While the wee girlie was turning four, her hot pink stuffed flamingo, most appropriately named Mingo, was turning one.  So it was off to Build-a-Bear we went.  Mingo needed a new birthday outfit, and the wee girlie had $21 worth of coupons to spend.

After our mall trip, it was off to my parent’s place.  Where I sat at the kitchen table, Macbook Pro, iPad, and external hard drive all connected with various wires, and all connected to me – via the keyboard and trackpad.  Thus the acceptance packages began to roll out.

Once Mom needed the table, I moved into the sewing room to begin working on the girlie’s costume pieces for her party on Saturday.  This year she requested a Jungle party.  A surprisingly easy thing to deliver.

Normally I spend a week (or even two) frantically preparing for the girlie’s birthdays.  I don’t do this because I have to, but because I love doing it.  I harvest berries, bake, cook, sew, craft…  Work like mad.  And then sit back and take in the joy of Strawberry Day (as her birthday has become known as).  This year, I knew that was not happening.  And I’ll admit, this particular Strawberry Day kinda feels like cheating.

We are going to The Fun Factory.  That’s right.  We’re heading somewhere, where I don’t have to do a darn thing but sit back and enjoy the air conditioning as the kids run around and play.  Then, for 45 minutes, we’ll head into their jungle themed room (one of four party rooms) for cake and presents before heading back out to the general play area.

I am not making a cake.  We’ve ordered a Monkey Jungle cake from Co-op.  I am not baking, cooking, or crafting.  I did minimal sewing today (about 1.5 hours worth) to create a Monkey costume for the girlie, as it’s a costume party.  And that’s it.  Come Saturday we’ll pick up the cake, and head on over to party with anyone who shows up.  LMAO  Yep.  Feels like cheating.  No cleaning, no mess.  Show up, party, leave.  LOL

In honor of this very different type of party, we are calling it Jungleberry Day.  Because, well…  it’s not really a Strawberry day if I’m not preparing a whack load of strawberries and strawberry dishes for my little Strawberry, now is it?  😉

So, after a bit of sewing, it was time for supper (and I so appreciate Mom providing the meal for us, I felt bad not pitching in at all, but I so desperately needed that time – so THANKS MOM!).  Mom made up salad and pizza.  Then, it was onto cake and presents.

The wee girlie was so wound up and exhausted by the time we were done, that she took a few laps around the yard with her new rockets/arrows (they are these air propelled nerf-like rocket/arrow things that you can shoot at each other) and it was time to come home and hit the hay.  BTW, thanks for those Mom and Dad.  When I first saw them I was thinking “Are you nuts?!?!?” but you can get out a lot of frustrations shooting (safely) at your kid.  LMAO

Now we are home and in bed.  The girlie, fast asleep.  She’s four.  Just like that.

Monkey Music

One of Lily-Ann’s favorite toys at her Pop Pop and Grams place.  An old wind up monkey who plays the drum, has a cymbal on his head, and wheels around the room like a maniac.  It’s seen better days, but she loves it.  🙂

wind up monkey toy

Monkey Music

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