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New Glass!

My Nikkor AF 80-200mm 1:2.8 zoom lens has arrived!  yippee skippee!

This is one of my dream lenses, and I’m sooo looking forward to finding a bit of time to head out into the field with it.  I’m booked solid for the next week and a bit… but then things will slow down to my preferred schedule (3 or 4 shoots a week).  And yes, I will mainly be using the majority of my time on backlogged edits.  But I’ll also be ensuring I get a chance to try out my newest acquisition as well.  After all, it’s no good buying your dream lens if you don’t get to actually use it.  😀

I think I may finally have to give in and purchase a monopod too, prior to getting out with my new glass.  This thing weighs a ton, and while yes, my tripod would support it, I prefer a little more freedom of movement.  So a monopod may be just the thing.

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