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Basketball Tournament

Today my husband played in a three on three basketball tournament…  teams were put together in each of the Superstore and Extra Foods locations here in town.  I was really proud of him.  His team went out there with only three members (there were twice that many signed up) which mean no subs.  Damon was one of the older guys out there, and he played hard.  People ten and fifteen years his junior with fresh playing experience were on teams up against him, and they got breaks during play.  Damon, and his team, held their own.  And while they felt like underdogs, they played as well as any of them.  Actually…  better than many of them.  They didn’t make it into the final, but they came close.  So YAY Damon!!!  😀

Damon claims he’s adding basketball to his Murtaugh list.

Damon's team in their second game.

Basketball Tournament

This wasn’t the flashiest photo of the day…  but it shows how well Damon’s team played together.

For more photos (lots of action) head to:

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