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I’m so bad…

Okay…  I’m getting really bad.  Another post with several days worth.  Jeepers.  This is becoming habit.  Just been really busy lately.  Busy being Mom, and busy getting a new domain up and running.  Still a long ways from launching, but I’m excited about it.  Won’t be any work at all once it’s up, but right now?  It’s sucking every minute of my time that isn’t devoted to being mom.  So…  Please bear with me.  Hopefully I’ll get back to the daily posting soon.  I actually really miss it.  It’s come to be part of my nightly routine, and my nights feel a little off when I’m not able to log on to share.  🙂

April 23rd – A great day, with more great days ahead.  All strung together in a somewhat stressful, but really good week.  Lots of work done, and lots of time devoted to just being mom.  Which meant I was exhausted, but I was feeling really good.  🙂  Also found out that I won a draw for a bunch of great gardening stuff – so super excited about that.  LOL  Want to check out my gift basket?  Head on over to  So can’t wait for everything to arrive.  😀

ME!  :D

Me! 😀

April 24th – Hard work paid off as Mom’s surprise 50th birthday party caught her COMPLETELY off guard.  So the stress of coordinating everything was totally worth it.  Took Mom and the wee girlie out to lunch at New Island Sushi…  the food there is AMAZING, and the staff are super nice.  Mom loved it, and Lily-Ann did really well with her chopsticks (her first time).  Then we hit Village Green (a thrift store/charity shop), a local park, a used book sale, and home for the surprise.  I missed out on the decorating while I was keeping Mom busy, but Auntie Kathie, Riki (my oldest younger sister), and Dad did a great job.  It really was an awesome day…  and seeing mom so happy made EVERYTHING worth it.  😀

And… okay… I know.  Lots of photos from this day I could have shared…  but seriously.  The food at New Island Sushi????  SOOOOO worth sharing in any way I can.  😀

Sweet potato roll from New Island Sushi

Sweet Potato Roll

April 25th – Today is actually Mom’s birthday.  Offered to watch everyone (two of my sisters are still at home and need an adult present) so that Mom and Dad could go out to supper… but Mom wanted a “do nothing” day.  So we all just hung out at the house and watched the snow.  Yes.  More snow.  But thankfully this snow melted the instant it hit anything.  Another really great day.  🙂

Lily-Ann watching the snow from the deck.

Watching the Snow...

April 26th – Just a lazy day at home.  Kinda chilly out… but not so chilly that it kept us inside.  Here’s a basket full of “treasures” the wee girlie gathered.

Lily's treasures...  sticks, dried grasses, pine cones, and rocks.


April 27th, TODAY – Another chilly one out.  It wouldn’t have been bad, except for a really cool wind.  Spent some time playing in the front yard, just the girlie and I.  Spent some time in the back yard, the dogs, Damon, the wee girlie and I.  Then headed to the Library.  🙂  It’s library day.

Thought this pine cone was pretty… and was surprised to find one clinging to the tree out back.

A pine cone.

Pine Cone

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