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A Message to the Bullies of the World

Today, on the 2nd Annual International Day of Purple (which has also become known as Spirit Day), we wore purple – just like last year.  And before we hit the road for our seven block walk to school we pulled out the camera so we could tell the homophobic bullies of the world exactly what we thought of them.  So bullies?  This shots for you:

for all the bullies out there, here's our message to you!

For all the bullies!


And for everyone else?  Here’s the kid, looking cute in purple:

the girlie, totally rockin' the all-decked-out-in-purple look

Rockin' the Colour Purple!

New Glass = Happy Photog

What makes a Photog happy?  New glass, of course.  😀  And I gots me one of my dream lenses on it’s way.

The worst part of a long distance purchase is definitely the shipping time.  And the way Canada Post has been the last year I’m none too confident in them.  So cross your fingers for me that my new glass (a 80-200 2.8 Nikkor lens) makes it’s way here in a speedy and SAFE manner.

For the non-photogs amongst my readers, this lens is (arguably) one of the best Nikkor lenses ever made.  It’s a mid-range zoom that is capable of capturing action in low light situations.  It’s a heavy piece of glass, but is one of those lenses that will outlive your camera body.  It’s a gooder… and I soooo can’t wait to get shooting with it.  I’ve been lusting after this one for a while.  😀

Choose Your Weapon!

I chose my Nikon D70.  Sure it’s outdated, and not as cool as the newer Nikon DSLRs…  but it’s mine.  And unlike some other “weapon”, mine is all about the truth.  😀

So, it’s almost nine, and I haven’t taken a photo for today.  LOL  My solution was to use photobooth, and I grabbed the closest thing to me to capture.  That just happened to be my camera.  This is after I played with it a bit using iPhoto.

Night all!

Choose Your Weapon!

Another Afternoon at the Zoo

Okay… so it wasn’t an entire afternoon.  Our household has been a little under the weather lately, and I think we all needed a little fresh air in our lungs.  So despite not being all better yet, we spent close to an hour at the zoo today.  While it may not have done much for us physically, it did a lot for our spirits – which makes a BIG difference.  Hopefully we’ll be all better soon, but at least we aren’t feeling as blue since making our brief escape.  😉

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Day

This Path We've Chosen

And here’s a bonus picture today…  me peeking out from behind my camera while looking into an animal enclosure (with a mirrored backing).  I like the reflection on the closest pane of glass too.  🙂

Me, peeking out from behind my camera to say HELLO


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