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I love getting mail…

I love getting mail, especially when said mail contains items beyond those of the paper variety.  Like today.  😀

Today I received a large envelope with a book in it.  It was a complete surprise, wasn’t something I’d ordered or was expecting.  So what a delightfully happy mommy it made me to find it sitting there, stuffed only half way into the mailbox.

Occasionally publishers or agents will send me “review copies” of their clients newest works.  Generally these are canine non-fiction or green/eco titles they hope I’ll have time to read and comment on.  It’s something I love doing, and fuels my passion for all things natural and all things dog.

Today I received a copy of Dr. Stanley Coren’s latest book.  I’ve long enjoyed his work, and the one weekend I had a chance to visit with him was a real treat.  Granted he LICKED me in front of a crowd of about 60 or 70 people that same weekend…  but if nothing else, I can say it was memorable.

Okay…  so it wasn’t as lewd as it sounds.    LOL

That weekend Dr. Coren and I were both working at a pet expo.  I was manning a booth about Service Dogs, specifically those used to assist people with psychiatric illnesses, and he was there as a keynote speaker.  He’d asked me to help with a demonstration, during which I was to be the trainer and he the dog.  So, as evidence of his delight with my behaviour, he licked me.  Honestly?  I’m sure my eyeballs popped right out of my head when he did it.

A completely unique experience in my adulthood (thank goodness).  😉

That explained, I really am looking forward to reading his newest work, Born to Bark.  It’s the first time he has delved into a personal relationship with one of his dogs.  So while I’m sure it will offer people an education into the complex interdependence we have with domestic dogs, I’m looking forward to the anecdotes and first hand experiences that Dr. Coren has shared with his beloved dog(s).

Born to Bark, by Dr. Stanley Coren

Now all I need are a few days with 27 hours each so I can ensure I’ve got the time to sit down and read it.  😉  Wish me luck!

Cuddled up…

As the rain pours down, the thunder rolls, and the lighting flashes across the sky…  the girlie and I cuddle beneath Nana’s blanket.  Listening, and loving the sights, sounds, and smells of a Summer storm.  🙂

All cuddled up...

On an unrelated note…  I’ve finished the manuscript for my children’s story.  What possessed me to write a children’s book I’ll never know.  But it was the first time my muse hit me in such an unrelenting fashion in a long time.  I’m quite comfortable writing canine non-fiction (dog training advice, behaviour tips, and breed information most commonly).  But then, one evening, laying in bed next to my sleeping girl I just felt the NEED to write.  The only thing near by was my BlackBerry… so believe it or not I actually wrote the first 1/3 of the manuscript on that.  LMAO  Hey!  When the muse hits, the muse hits!  If I’ve learned one thing as a writer it’s to listen to my inner voice.

Now I begin taking steps on completely foreign soil.  I don’t have contacts (agents and publishers) in this world.  In non-fiction, doing what I’ve been doing for years?  Yep.  I know many folks.  But this is something completely new to me.  So it’s a new adventure… but one I think will be very worth fully delving into.  Wish me luck.

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