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Back to Business as Usual.

I’ll admit, I’m still torn as to whether I should keep on blogging about Walt Disney World or go back to life as we used to know it here at TD365.  So what I’m thinking is this;  I’ll write about what I feel like writing about.  Cause, well…  that’s what I’ve done for the last few years here.  LOL  Why change it now.  😉  That doesn’t mean I’m done writing about Disney, it just means I’m going back to writing however my muse pulls me.  Sound good?

Now, I think I’m going to cuddle my sleeping girl for a bit.  Watch a little streaming TV with her Daddy.  Then tuck myself into bed for the night.  I’m missing Bran tonight.  He would have commented on my last post…  and written to me on FB today.  I have a feeling my one FB post would have prompted a good laugh between the two of us.  Losing a much loved friend really freakin’ sucks.  😦


Last time I posted a truly mundane photograph (I believe it was of our refillable slurpee cups) I got a comment on facebook that read  something like: “I can’t believe you blogged that”.  LOL  Well, they can’t all be winners.  And today is no exception.  I’m tired.  We had a good day.  But I’ve just got a lot going on right now…  and nabbing a photo just wasn’t a priority.

So, fast forward to this particular moment, and I’ve got the wee girlie fast asleep beside me.  I’m laying in bed.  Grab the netbook from next to the bed, and realize I don’t have anything to share.  Looking around, I see the wee girlie’s clothes hanging on the rod that extends between the supporting legs of her loft bed (yes she has her own bed – a loft above ours – and yes, she is in bed with me anyway… I don’t mind, so neither should you.  LOL)  So what do I take a picture of?  The girlie’s shirts.


Like I said…  they can’t all be winners.  LMAO

Sometimes life is found in the boring details.  And the wee girlie’s “closet” (in quotations because it’s not really a closet, but that’s what I call it anyway) is an inspired detail that makes our small house work better for us.  We don’t have space for three dressers…  So the girlie doesn’t have one.  Lily-Ann has this space that was created when we built her loft bed.  It’s got two fabric organizers that hang from the pole.  One holds pants and pjs, the other holds things like socks, undies, leg warmers, and odds and ends.  The shirts and jumpers get hung on the pole.  It’s right beside my side of the bed, and makes  finding her clothes super quick and easy.  I love it.  🙂

There you go.  A look into one of the mundane details you never thought you’d know (or care to know) about my life.  LOL  Funny the types of things you’ll stumble upon in a Project 365 blog.

Be good to one another, and I’ll do my best to have something less ordinary to share tomorrow.  😉

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