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December is Almost Upon Us.

I don’t know about you, but I could use another couple of weeks before December.  YIKES!  How on Earth did it jump from November 10th to November 25th so quickly?  Way too many holiday projects are about to become due in no time flat.  I had plans to make our own little advent calendar for the girl, but I’m now wondering if I’ll have time to do all the sewing I’d planned to.  I may just have to cut some corners and find little pre-made baggies to put each days “treasure” in.  LOL  Well, either way, I’ll get something put together.

For now I intend to put on some super comfy warm holiday themed PJs, pop on a show, grab a puppy or two, something yummy to snack on, maybe my husband, and cuddle into the bed.  The temperature drop today definitely says “holiday’s a’comin”, and rather than pump the furnace into high gear just yet, I’m retreating for the coziness of a very full bed.  😉



Neither here nor there…

There are a lot of things I could write about tonight… but honestly?  I’m feeling rather pensive and mellow without any leanings one way or another.  It’s been a crazy week, and I’m starting to settle back into my, already busy, normal routine.

I have to admit, following Samhain I always find myself feeling a little lost – not in a bad way.  Just serenely pensive.  And tonight is no different.  The coming of the dark half of the year spurs a quiet mental preparation.  A solemn adieu to the warmth and light that fills us so completely during Summer and Autumn.

Stepping out the door to walk the girl to school I was quickly chilled.  Suddenly, my fleece (that yesterday, even out trick or treating at night, was plenty warm) just wasn’t enough.  The wind whipped around me and drew my gaze upwards at the few snowflakes that braved a first meander from the heavens… melted before reaching my face.  How they could disappear so quickly in such a brisk, frosty, breeze I’m at a loss to explain.

My gaze again settled on earthly things, like my daughter, waiting for me to lock the door so we could begin our promenade:

bow to your partner then join hands

together now, up one block,

cut through the park

throw some leaves, hide behind the trees

back together, hands held tight

look to the left, then the right.

across the street, now do-si-do

It’s a good thing I don’t call out instructions for a square dancing group…  we’d all be in trouble.  😉  Anyway…  it was a chilly walk.  Seven blocks of runny noses and cold fingers (well, for me anyway.  the girlie had mittens).  I’m glad it’s only seven blocks.  But if I learned one thing today, it’s that I need to put away our Summer and Autumn gear.  It’s time for the heavy duty coats of Winter (though I’ll continue attempting to put off the scarves, hats, ski pants, and boots for as long as I can).

Welcome to November!

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