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Easy and Inexpensive Ornament for the Holidays

It’s been another long day.� So it’s been a long week.� I was sick.� Our old dood, Sweets (the Chihuahua) was sick.� Puppies spent the day at kindergarten.� More plumbing trouble.� Girl didn’t hardly sleep last night (so neither did Mommy).� So yeah.� I’m beat.� I’ve got nothing left in me to write a blog post.� So here’s something cute from another MomWriter friend of mine.� A super cheap and adorable little angel ornament you can make up for all your kids friends, teachers, and family members:

Easy and Inexpensive Ornament for the Holidays.

via Easy and Inexpensive Ornament for the Holidays.


Light Play

Here’s me, experimenting with light on a transparent snowflake ornament.  I purposefully allowed the whites to become blown, and set it up so that the shadow would fall on the wall behind it…  bringing “to light” the nature of darkness in our every day world.  This may be something I play with more once my eyes are healed well enough to play with my good camera.

high contrast snow flake ornament

Light Play

I actually really like this image when it’s small…  here it is scaled way down.

snowflake photograph, high contrast, small

Light Play - Small

Am looking forward to playing further with this idea using a REAL camera.  Should yield some interesting results.

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