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Spring is Here!

Well folks, I think it’s official.  Spring has come early to Saskatchewan.  And well, let’s be honest.  I’m not sure Winter ever fully arrived.  LOL  It was an odd, odd season.

It’s even more wonderful coming outside to discover Spring has arrived when you’ve been cooped up indoors for days on end with a cold.  🙂  So after her first afternoon back at pre-k, the girl took the opportunity to jump, and splash, and just breathe in the awesome Spring air.

Rainy Day

Even a cloudy, rainy day is a wonderful thing when you look at it through the eyes of an almost three year old.  🙂

Playing in Puddles

On two completely unrelated notes:

– finished the wee girlie’s dress for the PRIDE parade this evening

– am trying a new medication for the debilitating back pain I’ve been experiencing the last two weeks

Yay on both accounts.  🙂

Having an Earth Day Nap

So… what exactly is an Earth Day Nap?  It’s a real quick little nap  you snag while playing outside on a beautiful Earth Day.  This particular Earth Day nap took place on the slide.  Wide awake at the top, sleepy at the bottom.

How did you celebrate your Earth Day?  We refrained from purchasing anything, didn’t use the car, and  spent the day out in the beautiful sunshine.  Playing with sticks, drawing with chalk, making circles with rocks, and just enjoying our time together.  Please don’t get caught up in the commercialization of Earth Day.  That’s NOT what it’s all about.

the wee girlie, napping on her slide

E.D. Slide Nap

Hoppy Easter! (and a lesson)

Here’s our photo of the day…  The wee girlie looking awfully cute, leaning on one of our trees, all dressed up and ready to go.

All dressed up in her easter best.

Hoppy Easter!

Now…  here’s our lesson.

What NOT to do when your mother has a photo-a-day-blog and attempts to take a picture of you:

Ahhhhhhahahaha...silly little girlmaking faces

heh heh…  😀

First Bounce!

The first bounce of the season!

Wee girlie was BORN to jump on a trampoline.  She absolutely lives for it.  She didn’t get out in the yard for long, but she did get in the first few bounces of the season…  and she was thrilled about it!

Seriously, she’s been using my parents trampoline since before she could walk.  She’d be out there crawling around on it, and before that, just sitting on it while we bounced her.  She loves it!  One day we may have to figure out a way to get her one of her own.  🙂

So while this photo wasn’t the best of todays…  it certainly made me smile the biggest.  😀

jumping on the trampoline


At the Zoo…

So yesterday we went to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo.  We’re members of the Saskatoon Zoo Society, and love taking Lily-Ann to see all the ducks who call the park home for three seasons a year.  Another favorite of both the wee girlie’s and mine are the pygmy goats.  They are one animal, that when we live where they could be happy and well cared for, we would like to add to our family.  Anyway…

I always take a wealth of photos on our frequent visits to the park & zoo.  Here are a couple (that I may well attempt to merge in photoshop).

happy girlie riding on her daddy's shoulders

Happy Girl!

Happy Daddy carrying his wee girlie on his shoulders

Happy Daddy!

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