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And the pool has water!

Yep…  you heard me.  The pool has water.  😀  And it was WAY too dark out to take a picture to share my triumph.  LOL

I’ll admit, spending a few hours out in the yard getting the space prepped, putting the pool together, and erecting the screen house was time I could have spent editing photos or working on Camp fYrefly stuff…  BUT…  this was all part of the plan.  Mwahahaha.

Okay, so it’s not an evil take-over-the-world-pinky-and-the-brain-type-scheme-of-a-plan.  But it’s my plan.


girlie home with mommy all day = mommy having no time to actually work all day

Our friend Yolanda upgraded to a larger model of this particular above ground pool, so offered us her old one.  YES!  Definitely an offer we couldn’t possible even consider turning down.  So, today (while the girlie is at the lake with my mom) after a couple of photo shoots and after eating a bit of supper, the hubby and I set to work.  And yes, there is still some work to be done (it is just WAY too black out there to keep mucking about) but we are a large part of the way there.

For a long while now, when I give someone our address I say “You can’t miss the place.  It’s the tiny, ugly, square, white house with all the kids stuff in the front yard.”  Well, that’s about to change too.  Okay, well… we’ll still be the tiny ugly square white house,  (and don’t belittle my tiny ugly square white house, I happen to love my tiny crappy house) but the kid stuff will be hitting the back yard.

When the girlie was tiny we made the decision to keep her play stuff to the front yard.  Wee kiddies put everything in their mouths, and, well…  the back yard was dog domain.  And there are certain things that you don’t want to make it into your baby.  The girlie is past that stage now though, and is looking for more freedom.  She doesn’t always want Mom or Dad right on top of her, supervising every move, as she plays in the yard.  Sooo…  it’s time to move her play equipment and toys into the back.  That way she can have a little freedom (the yard is fenced, and we can just sit in the corner on the patio furniture), AND I can get some work done while she plays.  Okay, so that’s the plan anyway.  Don’t knock it.  It might work.  It NEEDS to work.  LMAO  Wish me luck.

And I SOOOOO can’t wait to see the girlie’s face when she sees the pool set up and all of her toys in the back yard.  She’s just going to light up like a little old fire bugs butt.  (if that isn’t the prettiest imagery ever)

For now, it’s off to feed puppies, get some Chihuahua kisses, and hit the hay.

Hair cut and a pedicure.

Lily-Ann is a lake girl.  She loves being out swimming in the water, tromping through the bush, cooking on the fire, and exploring through the trees.  This does not work well with long hair.  So today, it was time to for a cut.  Last year I did it all one length, just a cute little bob.  This year I layered it.  So while it looks about the same length as last time, it’s actually a fair bit shorter.  The longest layer is the same length as her last cut, but the top layers are considerably shorter.  Perfect for roughing it.  No amount of sand, smoke, dirt, or tree bits will make this cut unmanageable.  🙂

So, today’s picture shows off her new “do”.  But it also highlights one of her back yard activities.  One we can’t quite figure out… but which reminds me of a make-shift pedicure.  LOL  She covers her feet in wet sand, then climbs into the pool to wash them off.  Over, and over, and over again.  LMAO  But she does like to have an audience for this procedure.  Somehow it’s just not as fun when there is no one there to witness the demonstration.  Silly kid.

wee girlie putting wet sand on her feet.

Hair cut and a pedicure.

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