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Another Afternoon at the Zoo

Okay… so it wasn’t an entire afternoon.  Our household has been a little under the weather lately, and I think we all needed a little fresh air in our lungs.  So despite not being all better yet, we spent close to an hour at the zoo today.  While it may not have done much for us physically, it did a lot for our spirits – which makes a BIG difference.  Hopefully we’ll be all better soon, but at least we aren’t feeling as blue since making our brief escape.  😉

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Day

This Path We've Chosen

And here’s a bonus picture today…  me peeking out from behind my camera while looking into an animal enclosure (with a mirrored backing).  I like the reflection on the closest pane of glass too.  🙂

Me, peeking out from behind my camera to say HELLO


Silly Little Princess Lily

Lily-Ann being silly while wearing a blue foam crown

Princess of Silly-dom

Mommy caught the wee girlie peeking while she was counting during a game of hide and seek.  Lily-Ann declared “Princess Bumble Bees Peek”.  Who could argue with that?  So her declaration was met with a tickle and a giggle and a rousing game of toss-the-wee-girlie-in-the-air-before-blowing-bubbles-on-her-belly.  😀

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