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“Mommy loves all of our parts.”

I’m very “body positive”.  I think bodies are beautiful.  All sorts of bodies. I didn’t always though.  Sometimes that’s the sort of wisdom that comes from living (not from age, but from experience, and making conscious decisions about the way we live).

I want my daughter to be body positive.  I love how my post baby belly feels all warm and squishy, and I want her to love all her parts too – however they turn out.  I tell her all the time how much I love her parts, every single part, because they are hers, and that makes them perfect.

I fear for our girls.  The messages they receive from almost everywhere are that they aren’t good enough.  They can always be more SOMETHING.  More thin, more curvy, more youthful, more, more, more…  But the fact of the matter is that they are PERFECT.  They are perfect as they are.  And that’s another reason for my Power of SHe project.

Hilda, the world's most awesome pin-up woman.

Not familiar with "Hilda", I suggest a Bing search.

Now I’m rambling.  I tend to do that when I get on topics of importance.  Okay.  Back to my story.

You never know if what you try to teach your children really gets through – until you KNOW it’s gotten through.  One of those wonderful little moments happened tonight, and it made me grin a wonderfully large self-satisfied grin.

Lily-Ann was in the bathroom with her Daddy.  I don’t remember specifically what they were doing, or the context of their discussion…  but I do remember hearing Damon laugh before they made their way into the bedroom where I was doing some work on the computer – waiting to put the girl to bed.

“Do you know what Lily told me?”

I looked up from my work and gave my husband my attention, “What?”

“She said you love my parts.”

I laughed and the story spilled forth.  Apparently the girl was educating her father, telling him that his parts are beautiful too.  “Mommy loves ALL of our parts.”  And she even made sure to let him know that I even love the stinky parts, because they’re perfect too.



It’s nice to know that sometimes you really do get through to them.


All around us exists a world of magick…  and for a small moment I captured it all in my daughters eyes.

To a two and a half year old, everything is new, everything full of wonder.  But perhaps more than any other force of nature, freshly falling snow grabs the imagination in an immensely powerful way.  Having the wee girlie in my life has reopened the doors to the spectacle of sensation.  I’ve always believed in the power that can be found all around us.  The miraculous, yet completely tangible, world we live in.  But seeing all these things through a little girls eyes only gives rebirth to the sense of awe and wonderment.  The truth of being immersed in a perfect moment.

a little girl, full of awe and wonderment over the falling snow

Pure Magick!

Now…  I do regret that she’s standing in front of a garbage pail, but what’s a mom to do.  A perfect moment filled with magick happens where it happens.  Not much I could do about it.  😉

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