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Where are you Spring?!?!?

Okay.  Yeah.  I’ve been a really bad blogger lately.  Well, maybe not by most standards.  After all, there are MANY bloggers who post once a week or even less frequently.  😉  But for me?  This is bad.

I don’t know if it’s the weather, or just the physical exhaustion after working so hard getting Breaking the Silence up and running then following it up with a very physically demanding photo shoot…  Whatever it is?  It’s kicking my ass.  I’m just done.  So I am VERY grateful that the Easter break is now upon us.  Not having to worry about our regular schedule, and getting the girl off to school, should help a great deal.  And even better?  The next couple of days we’re actually supposed to see plus temperatures!

I am so done with this cold and all this snow.  I am dying for it all to melt away.  I want to cultivate the ground.  This house has a nice big garden space (that was unused for who knows how long) and I’m just itching to get out there and plant something.  I have so many plans for the outdoor space here, and this extended Winter is making me a little itchy…  seriously.  I’m so irritable I’ve definitely got a case of cabin fever…  Spring just cannot get here fast enough.

Misadventures of a snowbound photographer

Tonight I have to direct you towards another url.  As I’ve already chronicled this particular misadventure on my photography website.  I do promise though, the many photographs of our frosty day are well worth the visit.  I know you’ll laugh as much as we did as we battled the environment to get these important shots.

Hip deep, completely stuck, immobilized in the snow and ice.

Hip deep, completely stuck, immobilized by the snow and ice.


And a big thank you to Jamie for not only volunteering as my assistant today, but for capturing the entire thing with her iPhone.  LMAO

From Mundane to Meaningful?

I’m having another rather pensive night, and while that can lead to rather long winding, interesting blog posts?  It’s just as likely to lead to me being unable to decide what to write about.  😉  So I figured I’d check out the new Weekly Writing Challenge here at WordPress:  from mundane to meaningful.


So, what did I do today?  To be honest?  Nothing that I would consider mundane.  Sure, it was every day things like playing with kid kid, crafting, cuddling, but I don’t consider any of that mundane.  Damon came home, we had supper, watched a couple episodes of Avatar (the series about Ang) then I got ready for an evening photo shoot.  I got to work with a lovely couple who were super easy to photograph.  Then I came home and we got the girl ready for bed.  I laid next to her as she fell asleep, and now I’m blogging.  To be honest, the closest thing to mundane about my day is this, the blogging.  And even it has a huge amount of meaning for me.

My family?  My life?  The things I do?  They matter.  So it’s hard to see any of it as mundane.  And I don’t even feel particularly blessed in that regard.  I believe what we ALL do matters.  What we do, the choices we make, they impact the lives of those around us.  Who we are, the things we do?  It all matters, and THAT gives my life excitement – which is the antonym of mundane.

And the winner is…

Well, before I announce which of my wonderful Facebook fans is the winner of the free “It’s all you” shoot…  I’m going to share a little about my day.  🙂  Which was lovely btw.

I did a photo shoot in the early afternoon with Reche and her family.  They were absolutely delightful – such sweet little girls.  Her youngest is out to conquer the world, and will do it too I bet!

Then I picked up the husband from work, picked up the kid from school, hit the co-op for some picnic supplies (gotta have strawberry salad and watermelon), packed up a yummy fresh supper into our picnic bag…  and off we went to one of my favourite little hidden spots down by the river.  Most of the sandbars are overrun with people, but I know a couple slightly more out of the way spots, and we were all alone.

We did see our first tick of the year, nasty little things make me cringe and even thinking about it has me all itchy…  LOL  But it was all good.  The girl played in the sand, she and her Daddy threw and skipped rocks.  And we all very much enjoyed our first picnic of the year.  Silly me, I didn’t think to bring my telephoto lens along – but I’ll remember next time.  😉

After supper we stopped on over to my Auntie Risa’s new place.  It was nice visiting with her and my cousins.  And we even were treated to a little fried chicken and tea.

So yep.  A very nice day.

Okay…  so ya’ll are wanting to know who gets the free photo shoot, right?  Who gets to be spoiled and be the star?  Well, our lucky number is 141 (so instead of counting up from 1, I counted backwards from 158). picked facebook fan number 141

So Facebook fan number 141 is…..

Shania Duquette!

You’ve won a free “It’s All You” session.  Drop me a line at photographer at tobi-dawne dot com, send me a FB message, or fill out the booking form at and we’ll get our shoot on!  Congratulations.  😀

If you aren’t a fan of TD Photography, Saskatoon’s Photosmith on FB yet I’d get on it!  This won’t be the last time we do a give-away.  Something tells me there are more freebies coming!

We’re home. :)

After a night of Halloween festivities at our friend’s yearly costume party, we are all home.  The girlie is tucked into bed beside me.  I’m downloading photographs from our little mini-shoot with my sister Jewles (thanks for taking pictures of us Bug, I appreciated it).  Damon is upstairs unwinding on the computer.  And soon we will join the girlie in dreamland.  🙂  It was a good day.

Note to self: Choose colours you OWN.

So…  I’m planning two four generation photo shoots which will happen concurrently.  I will photograph my cousin Jamie, her son Finn, my Auntie Kathie, and GG (mine and Jamie’s Grandma, Lily-Ann and Finn’s Great Grandma, and Auntie Kathie and my mom’s Mom).  Jamie will photograph me, the girlie, Mom and GG.  This has been in the works since Mother’s Day.  It is a gift for Mom, Auntie Kathie, and GG.  So Jamie will burn three discs, and so will I.

Now.  Pretty much from the get go, we figured we’d do an Autumn shoot.  I have to admit, I’m always shocked when clients want an outdoor, mid-day, Summer appointment.  It takes a special kinda crazy to actually WANT to be out in that heat (of course, I’m right there with them, camera in hand – anything for the right shot).  But there was no way I was about to get in front of a camera on a day like that.  😉  Besides, Autumn is just sooo much lovelier for any number of reasons.  So we waited.

The day is chosen.  So is the time.  And I’ve got a location in mind too (some place I don’t usually shoot – figure I should mix it up a bit).  Then what do I suggest?  Let’s keep it casual (that’s not the bad part.  Jeans and nice shirts is perfect photo shoot attire), wearing the colours of the season:  browns, rusts, oranges, olives.  The problem?  I don’t own a “nice” shirt in any of these colours.  LMAO  And this evening when I went shopping at the Sally Ann (a non-profit thrift store) they had NADA!

Okay.  Lesson learned.  Don’t suggest colours you don’t own!

Sure, I’ve got lots of rusts and oranges.  They’re some of my best colours.  But they’re all t-shirts that I’ve worn to the point that they are just WAY too grubby to consider for this use.  Gardening?  Sure.  Walking the girl to school?  You bet.  Playing with the dogs?  No problem.  Four generation photographs?  Not on your life.

This means I can try again at another store tomorrow (the shoot is on Saturday), or I can just wear a zip up sweater over whatever.  Now.  I like my zip up sweater.  It’s an olive green with a rust and yellow argyle pattern on the front.  I actually love this sweater.  But it’s another one that’s mostly good for hacking around.  But hey!  It’s the right colours.  LMAO  And as long as I stay tucked in the back it might blend okay.  Oh boy.

Charlie and Family – photography preview

Charlie is a little dog with a ton of personality packed into his little frame.  I had a lot of fun with him and his people – in spite of a drizzly not so nice day.  So, without needlessly painting the lily, here are a few photographs:

Jaclyn and Kim: sweethearts in the snow

On Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of doing a sweethearts photo shoot out in the snow with Jaclyn and Kim.  I love shooting in the snow, and though it presents its own unique challenges, I wish it was something more folk were willing to consider.  So when Jaclyn suggested it (without any prompting on my part) I was thrilled.

The two of them will be receiving a disk with over 100 images on it from our hour-long session.  But figured I’d share a few of my favourites here, both as a preview for them, and for me to show off.  LOL  I absolutely adore shooting couples in love…  and a couple in love out in the snow?  Awesome!

Going up?

On Sunday I did a photo shoot with the wee girlie (on assignment through Ellie Bean) at the University Campus.  As I’ve mentioned in a multitude of places, I love going on mini-adventures when I do a shoot….  and since the girlie hadn’t been to the Education building before, I figured this was the perfect time to go explore it.  I took a ton of photos, some for the client, and some for me too.  This is one that’s just for me.  I love it.  Hope you do too.

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