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A Photography Preview for Reche & Family

When I first received the booking form filled out by Reche, I knew hers was going to be a fun shoot.  You see, the two of us have a past connection.  Her brother and I were very good friends back when we were still teenagers and young adults.  It seems like a lifetime ago now, but good friends never really stop being friends – even when they lose touch.  So getting to see Reche, meet her family, and work with them all really was a treat.  🙂

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… the best family sessions, are those when the kids are allowed to just be themselves.  Let them play, let them show off their personalities.  Sure, it’s nice when everyone is looking the same direction, but those captures that really show how a family is together, that shows those connections?  It really is SOOO much better.

Thanks for the chance to work with your family, and reconnect with you Reche.  It really was a treat!

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Faery in the Garden (yesterday and today)


my little girl


through the looking glass


Thora is our Lurcher (border collie x greyhound).  She’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever had the privilege to know… and as a trainer and handler, I’ve known a LOT of dogs.  Beautiful, smart, fast, soft.  She made me a better trainer.  The day she leaves our family behind will leave us all awfully empty.

Thora, the Lurcher



Beautiful Jewles

Beautiful Jewles - Nikon D70

Have a dozen others of my beautiful little sister, Jewles… but figured she’d probably like this best.

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