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A gripe about online merchants.

Yep.  I’m going to gripe.  Not at all what I usually do on this blog.  I much prefer to focus on the positive.  However this happened to me TWICE today.  And I’m not happy about it.

I found the perfect Christmas gift for one of my sisters.  She would have just keeled over.  It would have stopped her heart and then – after being revived – she’d have jumped around the room.  It was THAT good.  I added it to my shopping cart, and went to pay.  Started entering my information, got to “state” and went to scroll through the list of locations…  No Saskatchewan.  Now, occasionally an online vendor simply makes a mistake and only includes US states in their list – and if you contact them you find out they do indeed (like most vendors) ship to Canada.  So I clicked to enter into an online chat.  But no.  This vendor does not ship to Canada.  Disappointment number one.  😦

Ready for Disappointment number two?

I have been wanting a family necklace since my daughter was born.  Something I could wear that symbolized the love shared between Damon, Lily-Ann, and myself.  For our fifteenth anniversary, my husband promised me said necklace.  All three of us have been looking for the right one for a little while now…  and we finally found it.  My daughter loves it, my husband loves it, I love it.  It couldn’t be more perfect if it was crafted specifically for us.  It is everything we could have hoped for.  It makes my heart sing just looking at it – and knowing my husband and daughter love it as much as I do fills me with joy.  So, with all of us in agreement, we put it in our shopping cart and click “check out”.

I begin filling out our information.  I put in which stones we need.  I put in our names and our address.  I select “Saskatchewan”.  A window pops up.  It informs me that they will not ship to a Canadian address, but if I follow the link shown in the pop up window that I can put an order in with their Canadian store.

Guess what?  This perfect pendant.  The one that makes my heart sing.  The one that we spent hours and hours looking for.  The one that couldn’t be more ideal if it were designed specifically for us.  It’s not available on their Canadian website (where everything is twice the price of the US site, in spite of the fact that our dollars are worth pretty close to the same thing).

Do I feel like crying?  You bet.

I actually told my husband that I couldn’t even look any more.  That he should just find something he likes and buy it.  😦  Do I feel like a bit of a baby over this?  yep.  But I can’t really help it.

If you don’t ship to Canada say so in a prominent place.  “Ships to US Addresses Only.”  That’s not hard.

Bunch of jerks.  😦

I’m going to go pout in a corner.  I’m not a happy mommy.


What happened to the “Joy Journey”?

Some days I have to actually stop and remind myself that this year is about personal joy.  With some of what is going on politically, some of my choices, while ethical, aren’t exactly joyful.  I am exhausted.  I’m being pulled in too many directions.  I really do wish I could just “poof” disappear with my daughter and husband for about a week.  Then come back refreshed and get back on the fast track again.  Anyone have a magic wand?  Anyone got a genie?

My mantra right now is “October is almost here”.  How the heck I’m going to get everything done that needs to be done BEFORE the end of September, I’m not sure…  but come October, my life should go back to being at least partially mine.  “October is almost here.”  Say it with me: October is almost here.  😉

Here’s another one…

Okay, here’s another of my “famous” I’m-too-tired-to-post-posts.  We had a very productive Green Party of Saskatchewan executive meeting tonight (it JUST let out) and I am beat.  Lots accomplished.  Exciting times within the party.  😀

SKOC Dog Show

It’s the weekend of the Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club Dog Show here in Toontown.  So come on down to the Soccer Center (behind the Lawson Heights Civic Center/Library) Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning to have a peek at all the dogs and to catch some of the action.  Best of Show will be happening just after lunch each day, and Chihuahuas will be in the ring at either 9:00 or 9:40 each day.  The wee girlie will also be making her debut on Sunday.  She’ll have her very first trip into the Juniors ring at about 1:30 – and we’re all super excited for her.  😀


Just got home about an hour ago now, put the girlie to sleep, and am now starting to crash myself.  It was a super long day starting at 5:30 this morning and doing some mega intensive training and bonding with the pod leaders, pod volunteers, and live-in adult volunteers.  After I hit “publish” I’m going to sleep.  It’s another super early morning (though I may try to aim for a 6 am wake-up over the 5:30).  But then it’s here!  Camp fYrefly!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!

Training Tomorrow!

Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan Youth Leader and Adult Volunteer training tomorrow.

That is all.



Two days left, two days left, two days left…  that’s it.  Only two days left!  ACK!

Okay… breathing.

I’ve been going over my list every day for the last few days.  I’ve got this covered.

Monday – preparing for Camp fYrefly.

Tuesday – doctors appointment (nothings wrong, just a check up) and preparing for Camp fYrefly.

Wednesday – training Youth Leaders and Adult Pod Volunteers for Camp fYrefly.

Thursday – CAMP freakin’ FYREFLY!


Oh, and on a completely unrelated note…  I still have no idea how to actually style my hair.  LMAO  Working on it though.  Hopefully will look less “Buckwheat-ish” by Thursday.  LOL  There’s a sharp learning curve when you’ve NEVER had super short hair before.  😉


Short.  Post.  For.  Now.

Camp.  fYrefly.  Board meeting.  Tonight.

Lots.  Work.  To do.

Tired.  Now.



Tuesday? Really?

Is it really only Tuesday?  Seriously?  My body is telling me that it’s Friday, and therefore sleepover night.  Not for any sanctity of marriage type reasons…  but simply because I’m so exhausted.  Yikes.

Done today:

Spoke on the phone with about 1/2 dozen campers.

Left messages for another dozen or so campers.

Emailed back and forth with fourteen or fifteen people (campers or others involved with Camp fYrefly).

Began working on, and completed the first draft of the room assignments.

Began and completed the first draft of the pod assignments.

Finalized the text for the back of the Camp fYrefly greeting cards with Herb.

Talked to Tony on the phone, confirming a reported fax sent by a camper’s parents.

Left a message for one of the people at the Camp fYrefly location about a form I need to get filled out.

Tied together several loose ends that were floating around.

Microwaved leftovers for supper while the girlie and her daddy got to eat a nice home made supper at my parents place.  LMAO

And I know there were others… but honestly?  My brain is just fried at this point.  So…  This incomplete list is about all I can muster for a blog post tonight.  Hope you’ll all forgive me.  But I kinda feel like I got shot in the brain pan, and am about ready to crash.  Cross your fingers that my family gets home soon so I can put the girl to bed, and crash myself.  Because… well…  even if another person returns one of my calls, at this point I doubt I’d be very coherent.  😉



(that tada was for you Spencer)


Tired, again. LOL

Okay, well…  I’m too tired to blog in any reasonable fashion.  Sooo…  This is my post.  LOL  My post, telling you I’m too tired to post.  Yep.  Story of my life.  LMAO

Working like crazy.  Long day.  Another long day tomorrow.  Ready for bed (but won’t be going to asleep for another couple hours).  Okay.  Night all.  😉

Will try to come up with something more interesting to say tomorrow.  LOL  Really.

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