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Heels to Dawgs and back again…

Ready for a more-than-you-needed-to-know reveal?  😉  If not, you may want to skip this next part because we’re gonna talk FEET.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with heels…  mostly because beautiful, sophisticated women wore heels.  So by the time I was twelve I was a perfectionist on the matter.  I, very honestly, spent HOURS walking empty hallways perfecting the click click click of the heels as they touched the hard surface.  Not too heavy, not too light, just the right rhythm.  Hours.  Upon.  Hours.  Every week.  Remember the word obsessed?  I wasn’t exaggerating.

Fast forward to my 29th year and pregnancy.  My feet didn’t just swell a little, they BALLOONED!  And by the time my thirtieth birthday hit I couldn’t even wear flip flops.  The only shoes my feet could fit into were dawgs – and we’re talking the old school original dawgs, the butt ugly ones.  And even those, by the end of the day would leave imprints on my feet.  It was ridiculous.

Before that, I had vowed never to wear anything so nasty on my feet…  but had little choice in the matter.  We’re not a barefoot society, and it was either dawgs or nothing.  So I sucked up what little pride I had left and got used to the idea.

I’ll admit it, I’ll never be without a pair of original dawgs again.  They may be ugly as sin, but jeeze.  There is no footwear out there that is more comfortable – and they are made right here in Saskatoon.  Thankfully, the company has expanded and is now producing a whole line up of much better looking shoes.  From sandals to boots to ballet flats to golf cleats and even reinforced work boots with firestone treads.  Yep.  We’ve become a dawgs family.  Even Damon owns two pairs.  Of course, the girl and I each own five or six different styles.  LMAO  But there is still nothing that can compare to a pretty pair of pumps.

I went years without owning a decent pair of fabulous heels.  My feet never did quite recover from pregnancy, and while I still wear a 5/6, I now need a 5/6 W (for wide).  It’s not too often you can find a pair of pumps that will fit my feet.  But last month?  I stumbled across the cutest pair while Mom, Jewles, Lily-Ann, and I were out thriftstore shopping.  I was shocked.  They are just sooo stinking cute.  And while my feet are sooo not accustomed to four inch heels, I couldn’t resist them.  Chances are they’ll only ever be worn outdoors once or twice a year…  but I’ll admit to having worn them around the house on a few occasions already.  They really do make me feel fabulous (even if they make me work in ways I’m not willing to admit to).  😉

So here they are, my very favourite pair of shoes:

my pretty black frilly pumps

my pretty, black frilly, peep toe, pumps


Now that was a fun challenge.  Who’d a’thunk “your shoes” would be such a gooder.  😉

photo a day challenge for january

Watching & Waiting

Well, we’d estimated Roo’s due date to be either yesterday or today and so far she seems quite content to keep on baking her sweet treats.  We are eager to meet our little miracles, but I suppose we’ll just have to continue to be patient.  After all, as long as she’s not showing any signs of distress we’ll leave her be.  Whenever possible it’s best to allow moms the room to do what comes naturally.  In the times we live in, it can be easy to forget that our bodies (and theirs) tend to know what’s best.  😉

Lily-Ann was eating a tart today and was quite happy to share with our little Rooty-toot:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m sick, here are some links!

I’m not feeling very well tonight, so instead of either boring you or grossing you out with details, here are a couple of posts and articles elsewhere that are worth a read:


Just a few things I’d come across recently on topics that I love.

Night everyone!


Biting me in the ass: a blessing of pregnancy

People often talk about the joys of pregnancy, birth, and parenting…  very often forgetting the tribulations, pains, and trials of each.  And with good reason.  Those joys far outweigh the negatives in almost every circumstance.  However, some pains deserve mentioning, some pains which get horribly overlooked, and are considered by polite society as being unmentionable.

Yes, this is going to be one of those TMI posts.  So, if you don’t want to read about the gross, the bloody, and the unpleasant?  Stop reading now.  Here.  Here’s a picture of the kid, all sweet and lovely in the new tutu I made for her:

Oh so sweet and darling in her pretty pink and white tutu, I love kid-kid!


So now that you’ve had your candy, sweet and full of sugar (but blessedly free of high fructose corn syrup)…  it’s onto the nasties I promised earlier.  That’s right.  Time to look away.  You’ve been warned.







Still with me?




Not sure you should be?





Well…  get ready for it…












Image of Grade Two Hemorrhoids ©Prof. Dr. Alexander Herold, 2012



Yep.  I said it.

I totally dropped the H bomb.

But let’s face it, Moms!  It’s one of the things, that for many, comes along with pregnancy and then sticks around afterwards.

Here are a few articles for those of you who WERE blissfully unaware:

The only actual USEFUL page I’ve found though, is this one:

Generally speaking, these sites make it sounds as though – in spite of these nasty little bastards being COMMON that they are easy to deal with, not really that unpleasant, and they’ll just disappear when the hemorrhoid fairy visits shortly after birth.  Ummm..  NO!

The very first sign that I was pregnant?  Before morning sickness, before a missed period, before anything?  I got hemorrhoids.  Yep.  Welcome to my world!  And yes, here we are, the girl only a month and a half away from her fifth birthday and that lovely little gift she gave me plagues me to this day.  Would I endure this pain every day for the rest of my life for her?  You bet your freakin’ ass (and apparently I have done just that).

What bothers me is that it’s not okay to talk about things like this.  Mommy brain?  Skin tags?  Stretch marks?  Even the dreaded “mother’s apron” are all okay conversation starters.  But don’t dare drop the H bomb.  Forget polite society, even in the dregs it’s unacceptable.  Yet it’s something SOOO many of us suffer in silence with.  Why?  If this is such a common part of motherhood, why is it a forbidden topic?

I’m sick of hushed voices and embarrassed shushes.  This is part of my life as a mom.  It’s a super “crappy” part of it, but it came part and parcel with my little bundle of joy and energy.  And while I am thankful for her every single day, I do look forward to the day this particular bundle of swollen veins stops biting me in the ass.

A weeks worth of photographs

I know… it’s been a little while since my last post.  And I was doing so well too.  LOL

You know, I think I may continue this blog even past the project 365 challenge.  But I’ll make a bit of a change.  The whole reason I haven’t posted was because I’m photo’d out.  I’ve been working on my new photography site, which means combing through thousands and thousands of old photos from the last couple of years.  So honestly?  I just wasn’t up to looking at any more photographs.  I took pictures every day, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pull them up on the computer.  So I didn’t.

We are now past the half way point in the year.  And I really have come to enjoy my daily blog time.  The only obstacle that keeps me from it occasionally is the photography end of it.  There are times when I’m just feeling like my brain is made of mush…  and while I’d be able to post while feeling this way (today for example), I don’t feel creative.  And, for me, photography requires muse.  So perhaps, next year I’ll continue posting every day, but follow the example of others, and share in “Wordless Wednesday” with a purely photographic post.

Anyway.  Lots has been going on this last week, and I’m a little burned out.  I’m coming down with a cold, which is never fun.  So I’ve ramped up the intake of herbs to try to keep the virus at bay.  LOL  At the very least it should help lessen the severity of it, and perhaps shorten it a tad too.

Okay… on to the photographs.

Oh!  heh heh…  one more thing.  For those of you who do check in on me regularly, what keeps your interest?  Are you here for the photos, or are you here to read?  You don’t have to share, but I am curious.  And it may help decide the future of the blog, past this year.

Friday, June 18th

We had a busy day.  Lots of running around, including a doctors appointment for the wee girlie (who, thankfully, loves going to see the doctor).  We couldn’t get in to see our GP (funny thing?  GP, depending on the circles you’re in, can mean general practitioner, guinea pig, or german pointer) so headed to the minor emergency clinic we use.  The doctor we saw thinks the wee girlie may have asthma.  She’s too young for the test, but he said her symptoms point that direction… especially considering there is a family history.  Not sure how I feel about this yet.

beautiful sleeping girlie

Sleeping Beauty

Saturday, June 19th


Natasha (my cousin) came into town this weekend, so the whole family got together at my parents place.  It was so nice to see the babies (Clyde and Hudson) who are on either side of the one year mark…  well…  they were last weekend.  Both are now over one.  🙂  I love family gatherings, I always have.  So this was a really nice treat.

The wee girlie was so good with the boys.  She shared all her toys, and even bounced them on the trampoline.  She really enjoyed having them around.  Well, until Hudson borrowed her highchair.  LOL  Of all the things in the world for her to hold sacred, I never would have expected it to be her highchair.  As soon as Natasha put him in it, she came over to me with this indescribable look on her face.  She tugged the sleeve of my shirt (to ensure she had my attention I suppose), and said in a very serious tone “Momma, that baby has GOT to GO.”

Picking a photograph to mark the occasion was really difficult.  So many wonderful new memories formed today.  In the end though, I had to go with this one.  Jamie (my pregnant cousin) and Ron (who lives at my parents place) comparing bellies.  I’m not sure Ron really understood why everyone was so excited about Jamie’s belly, after all, he’s got a nice one himself.  ;D

comparing bellies...

Baby? Bellies!

Saturday, June 20th

Happy Fathers Day!  We had a lovely day today.  Spent the afternoon and evening with my Dad.  I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful men in my life.  My Dad is awesome, my Grampa is amazing, and my husband is fabulous.  Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I love them all very deeply, and am so grateful they are so involved in my life.

Here’s Lily-Ann and her Pop Pop (my dad) filling up the bird feeder we got him.  The wee girlie was being a little goofy, but that’s just par for the course.  😉

Lily-Ann and her Pops

Monday, June 21

Here’s the wee girlie putting some stickers on the poster she got from the library last week.  Stickers she got at the co-op of Cooper the bear (their mascot).

Not every day can be super interesting.  😉


Tuesday, June 22nd

Okay… now I’m just getting tired of sitting here.  LMAO  So here are the pictures, a la wordless wednesday tradition (and yes, I know it’s not wednesday).

Swingset (taken from the car window).

Wednesday, June 23

Another of a sleeping girlie

Thursday, June 24th

Okay, technically this isn’t a picture I took…  but I the wee girlie knew I was pulling out my phone to snap a quick shot of something, and she asked if she could do it instead.  So I said sure, and handed her the phone.  She took a picture of me sitting in the car.  🙂

Me (by the wee girlie)

So that’s the last week.  🙂  Will have something else to post tonight, but I haven’t taken a photo for today yet.  LOL  See you then.

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