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Yule Gifts!

Well, it happened…  my annual bout of holiday illness.  I always come down with something at this time of year.  The timing may differ from year to year, as do the symptoms, but it has officially hit.  So, while I’m in bed today, trying to get through the worst of it so I’m not quite as much of a mess at our family’s Christmas eve party, I thought I’d share a few pictures from our Yuletide celebrations.  Okay, so they’re all of us opening presents, but I couldn’t resist sharing!  🙂

Lily-Ann, after two years of begging, finally got her first Monster High doll.

Lily-Ann, after two years of begging, finally got her first Monster High doll.

Bliss over the MLP wedding castle.

Bliss over the MLP wedding castle.

Tony making off with Ghoulia.

Tony making off with Ghoulia.

They had a hit with the "babycakes" last year...

They had a hit with the “babycakes” last year…

...and now that's all they buy.

…and now that’s all they buy.  Gotta love it/them!

Lily-Ann, full of pride over the results of her hard work.  Days of cutting, and embroidery went into the scarf she made for her Dad.

Lily-Ann, full of pride over the results of her hard work. Days of cutting, and embroidery went into the scarf she made for her Dad.

Awwww...  big hugs for Daddy.

Awwww… big hugs for Daddy.


BTW, anyone know how to create a slideshow since WordPress updated?  There have been a couple of times now where I’d have preferred to use one.

Keeping Secrets is Tough!

Gifts are a funny thing to get your head around when you’re four.  There’s a whole lotta rules associated with them.  Including the dreaded “must keep it a secret” rule.

Keeping something of that excitement level from someone you love is flipping hard!  A fact evidenced by my daughters level of secret-keeping when it come to her father.  A gift for anyone else?  No problem.  She can keep that secret.  But a gift for her Dad?  Not on your life.

I had thought we were doing really well.  She knew back in November what she wanted to buy Damon for Yule…  and I knew it was something we’d never find locally.  So we began our online crusade for this holy grail.  We hit big chain websites, we hit small merchants, we hit etsy, and ebay…  all the standbys.   And we found exactly what she was looking for.  We actually spent about a week browsing through online shop after online shop – and she kept it a secret during all that time.  We ordered the item, and waited for it to arrive.  And still her secret she kept.  She did great!  Right up until the day the package arrived.

“Daddy I got you something to hold toothpicks!”

Damon returns this announcement with shocked silence.  Me on the other hand?  I burst out with “Lily!?!?  That was a secret!”

“It’s okay Mom, I didn’t tell him what colour it is or how it works.”


And then today, when we got back from picking up a piece of what I’d been planning for the last month…  she lets that surprise slip too.  We had picked up a couple other pieces we’d had printed at the same time, and with her Dad right there (and knowing the third item was a Yule gift for him) she asks “…but Mom, where’s the other one?”

“Lily-Ann…  shhh…  the other one is a present for Daddy.”

“…but where’s the one of us all where we look like pirates?”

Again Damon greets this with stunned silence.


So, like I said.  The politics of presents can be tough to master…  especially when the gift is something you find really exciting and it’s for someone you love.

Sorry Damon.  Guess the cat is out of the bag, on both accounts.

A gripe about online merchants.

Yep.  I’m going to gripe.  Not at all what I usually do on this blog.  I much prefer to focus on the positive.  However this happened to me TWICE today.  And I’m not happy about it.

I found the perfect Christmas gift for one of my sisters.  She would have just keeled over.  It would have stopped her heart and then – after being revived – she’d have jumped around the room.  It was THAT good.  I added it to my shopping cart, and went to pay.  Started entering my information, got to “state” and went to scroll through the list of locations…  No Saskatchewan.  Now, occasionally an online vendor simply makes a mistake and only includes US states in their list – and if you contact them you find out they do indeed (like most vendors) ship to Canada.  So I clicked to enter into an online chat.  But no.  This vendor does not ship to Canada.  Disappointment number one.  😦

Ready for Disappointment number two?

I have been wanting a family necklace since my daughter was born.  Something I could wear that symbolized the love shared between Damon, Lily-Ann, and myself.  For our fifteenth anniversary, my husband promised me said necklace.  All three of us have been looking for the right one for a little while now…  and we finally found it.  My daughter loves it, my husband loves it, I love it.  It couldn’t be more perfect if it was crafted specifically for us.  It is everything we could have hoped for.  It makes my heart sing just looking at it – and knowing my husband and daughter love it as much as I do fills me with joy.  So, with all of us in agreement, we put it in our shopping cart and click “check out”.

I begin filling out our information.  I put in which stones we need.  I put in our names and our address.  I select “Saskatchewan”.  A window pops up.  It informs me that they will not ship to a Canadian address, but if I follow the link shown in the pop up window that I can put an order in with their Canadian store.

Guess what?  This perfect pendant.  The one that makes my heart sing.  The one that we spent hours and hours looking for.  The one that couldn’t be more ideal if it were designed specifically for us.  It’s not available on their Canadian website (where everything is twice the price of the US site, in spite of the fact that our dollars are worth pretty close to the same thing).

Do I feel like crying?  You bet.

I actually told my husband that I couldn’t even look any more.  That he should just find something he likes and buy it.  😦  Do I feel like a bit of a baby over this?  yep.  But I can’t really help it.

If you don’t ship to Canada say so in a prominent place.  “Ships to US Addresses Only.”  That’s not hard.

Bunch of jerks.  😦

I’m going to go pout in a corner.  I’m not a happy mommy.

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