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Scraptastic Saturday – Yay Literacy

Welcome to the very first Scraptastic Saturday.  So, yeah…  making Saturdays all about scrapbooking kinda takes away from the idea of this as a Project 365 blog.  LOL  But I need a change of pace.  So I figure a once a week break from the norm might not be a bad thing.  🙂

Sugar Pie Scraps has provided gift certificates for the winners of our very first Scraptastic Challenge.  So a big thank you to Crystal for her generosity.  It’s very much appreciated.  Winners will receive gift certificates for her shop at ESS @  And please feel welcome to stop by and visit her blog @

If you’re a designer and are interested in sponsoring a future challenge let me know, we’d be happy to have you.  🙂

With International Literacy Day having occurred this week (September 8th), with my being an avid supporter of the written word as both a reader AND writer, and with Sugar Pie Scraps having launched her new library themed scrapbook kit yesterday (September  10th)…  I figure it’s the perfect time for a themed challenge.  That said, your challenge is a literary themed “WordArt” challenge.

Create a layout (digital or paper) using one of the WordArt graphics I have made available at the links below.  Or, if you would prefer not to use the word art,  include either quote in your layout as part of your journaling.  But preference will be given to layouts featuring the actual WordArt.

Quote One:

“A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.”

Download WordArt here –

Quote Two:

“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”

Dowload WordArt here –

You have until midnight cst on Saturday (one week from today) to submit your layouts.  Feel free to upload anywhere:  FB, ESS, photobucket, DST, brownie scraps.  Include a link to this post in your layout description, and credit the WordArt as “a Scraptastic design by Tobi-Dawne”.  Then post a link to your layout in the comments section below.   Winners will be chosen and posted here no later than the Tuesday following (but I will do my best to post them sooner).

Good luck, and happy scrappin’!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Photography Website Burnout


The title about says it all.  LOL

I LOVE photography.  The process of capturing life.  Small perfect moments that we might have otherwise missed.  Gifts.  Vital and full.  Real, transparent, true.  Honest.  Beautiful.  It makes my soul sing.  I truly, truly love capturing life.

What I don’t love, is building a photography website.  I don’t like that I need to market myself and my skills.  I don’t like discussions of price points, and packages.  I don’t like the BUSINESS of photography.  LOL  But apparently it’s one of those necessary things that you just deal with so that you can have as much of the JOY part as possible.

So today I’m a little burned out.  Not on photography.  But on the website I’m building to share the business end of photography.

One thing I did do today that I am kinda excited about (and that IS part of the business end of things) was to come up with a really cool photography package.  I’ve called it the “Make it Right” package.  And it’s all about giving people what they hoped for to begin with, when they ended up with generic, boring, cookie-cutter family portraits from an in-studio photography sitting.  Check it out at  And make sure to give me a “like” while you’re there.  I’ve already given away one portrait sitting, and plan on making many more draws in the days to come.  All you have to do is “like” my page to enter…  and there are prizes for local AND long-distance folks.  So I do hope you’ll drop by and give me a “like”.  🙂

Night all.  Gonna go watch my baby sleep for a while.

me... face burned and pixelated from staring at my computer.

Oh hey!  I still haven’t told you about all the awesome stuff coming up this summer with the Green Party of Saskatchewan.  We’ve got some great things in the works that I hope you’ll all be a part of.  It’s going to be a great year, and this summer is going to get it kicked off right.  But I guess you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out all the details.  😉  hehehe…

Night all.  😀

At the co-op.

Here we are, getting groceries.  🙂  We live such an exciting life.  LMAO

Getting groceries at the co-op.

Now here is a question for everyone…

I took a video on my blackberry to go along with this photo.  But silly me, I took it vertically not horizontally.  Anyone know a real quick and simple way of switching the orientation so it’s not sideways?  LMAO  I’d love to share it with you all, but currently it orients on it’s side.

Now for a couple links worth sharing…

I’ve started digital scrapbooking.  It’s easier on the environment, is more economical, and can be done in a limited space with limited amounts of time.  This month I was invited to be a guest member of a designer’s “Creative Team”.  So for my contribution to her Space Base kit, I’ve built a couple of quick pages.  You download them, and then pop your own photographs into the spaces provided.  🙂  Hope you like.

I’ll let you know when she posts the second quickpage.  🙂  It’s equally cute.

The second link is to my new facebook page.  I’ve started a page for my photography business.  As many of you have already seen, I too shoot snap shots just like anyone else.  But as you’ve also seen, I can also shoot beautifully.  I love photography.  I truly do.  I am working on a new website to showcase some of my work, but figured a FB page would serve as a good spot for people to check me out in the mean time.

I will be offering prizes when we hit 25, 50 and 100 “likes”.  So click that little thumbs up button to get your name entered into the draw.  And hey!  I’d be thrilled if you shared the link with your FB friends.  The more “likes” the more prizes will be awarded…  which only increases your chances.

So that’s it for today.  Going to go downstairs and cuddle with my man for a little while… maybe even watch a flick before turning in for the night.  Take care all.  🙂

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