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About time for a blog update…

…or at least an update of the blog’s categories.

I set all the categories back when this was a project 365 blog, but since it has evolved, it’s about time to update and change.  It’s going to take me a while to update everything all the way back to January 1/2010, but I’ll get there.  So far I’ve done all the posts dating back to the beginning of October.  And once I’ve got all of the posts edited, I’ll update the categories so the blog “topper” actually shows all of the new ones I’ve created.  It will now be much easier to find your way to my politically minded, LGBTTQ, feminist, parenting, or other types of posts.  So if you are only interested in reading those particular ones, it will be real quick and easy to access them.  🙂

Okay, I’m off.  🙂  I’m a tired momma.  Need me some time with my sleeping girlie, and my husband.  Think we might watch a Glee DVD.  Freakin’ LOVE Jane Lynch, and the role of Sue Sylvester just lets her shine.


Last time I posted a truly mundane photograph (I believe it was of our refillable slurpee cups) I got a comment on facebook that read  something like: “I can’t believe you blogged that”.  LOL  Well, they can’t all be winners.  And today is no exception.  I’m tired.  We had a good day.  But I’ve just got a lot going on right now…  and nabbing a photo just wasn’t a priority.

So, fast forward to this particular moment, and I’ve got the wee girlie fast asleep beside me.  I’m laying in bed.  Grab the netbook from next to the bed, and realize I don’t have anything to share.  Looking around, I see the wee girlie’s clothes hanging on the rod that extends between the supporting legs of her loft bed (yes she has her own bed – a loft above ours – and yes, she is in bed with me anyway… I don’t mind, so neither should you.  LOL)  So what do I take a picture of?  The girlie’s shirts.


Like I said…  they can’t all be winners.  LMAO

Sometimes life is found in the boring details.  And the wee girlie’s “closet” (in quotations because it’s not really a closet, but that’s what I call it anyway) is an inspired detail that makes our small house work better for us.  We don’t have space for three dressers…  So the girlie doesn’t have one.  Lily-Ann has this space that was created when we built her loft bed.  It’s got two fabric organizers that hang from the pole.  One holds pants and pjs, the other holds things like socks, undies, leg warmers, and odds and ends.  The shirts and jumpers get hung on the pole.  It’s right beside my side of the bed, and makes  finding her clothes super quick and easy.  I love it.  🙂

There you go.  A look into one of the mundane details you never thought you’d know (or care to know) about my life.  LOL  Funny the types of things you’ll stumble upon in a Project 365 blog.

Be good to one another, and I’ll do my best to have something less ordinary to share tomorrow.  😉

I’m a cheater!

Okay…  I’m cheating again.  I didn’t take a picture today.  And I’m not even going to apologize.  LOL  But, to ease you all through a day with out one of my delightful photographs, here’s a zombie cat:
zombie cat


Thanks for sharing this one Tenna.  I loved it.  Every time I look at the cat I just start laughing.  Damon actually came over to see what was so funny.  Looked at the picture, then looked at me and asked “what’s wrong with you?”.  LMAO  So maybe we’re the only two people who find it funny.  😉  But that’s just fine by me.

November Rain

It rained in the morning, it rained all night, but for a brief time in the early afternoon the rain paused…  and out came the camera.  Here are a few shots I captured in my front yard – never venturing too far from the door, just in case the rain started pouring down again.

Got a favourite?  I’d love to know which, and why.  🙂

Nothing to say today…

"a picture is worth a thousand words"


Walked into the yard today to have eight or nine dragonflies take flight around me.  It was a pretty amazing moment.  I quickly (smoothly, and quietly – so as not to alarm them any further) handed my husband my purse and asked him to bring me my camera.  Thankfully he grabbed it for me as I knew if I had to run into the house myself for it, and then come back out, that they’d likely all be gone when I returned.  Two of them stayed near by, and I was able to shoot them from just inches away.  It was pretty awesome… and as much as I would have liked to have shared the moment, I was thankful to be outside by myself with them.  Just me, the dragonflies, and my camera.  🙂

I’m still going through an indecisive period with my photography.  Normally I can glance through my shots and pick a favourite with ease…  but again today.  Just couldn’t choose.  So here are four that I really liked.  Hope you’ll give me your preference.  I really do love hearing from all of you.

Dragonfly - shot one

Dragonfly - shot two

Dragonfly - shot three

Dragonfly - shot four

So…  which is your pick for photo of the day?

busy week…

Well…  it’s been a busy week.  Not so much because I had a full schedule, as there should have been plenty of time to get everything done that I normally do…  but it was super busy in that the wee girlie needed me a lot more than she usually does.  I think she may be gearing up for a developmental leap, and just needed a ton of mommy time.  It didn’t seem to matter what we did or where we were, she just craved the one-on-one… and who am I to say no when she needs me?  She wasn’t trying to be bothersome, or just being a pest, she needed mommy time – so I obliged.  I figured everything else would wait.  She’s only going to be my little girl for so long.  Every time I blink she’s a bigger kid who needs me less and less…  one day soon I imagine she’ll be telling us to leave her alone.  LOL  So yeah…  if she needed a bunch of extra mommy time this week, you bet I was going to oblige.  🙂

So…  here are our pictures from the last several days.  I am sorry I didn’t get them posted promptly, but I was busy being mom.

April 14 – We went shopping.  Lily-Ann bought a new pinwheel for the front yard.  This was right after we put it into the ground.  She had to inspect it to make sure it was working well, and looking just as it should.

the wee girlie, closely inspecting her new pinwheel

Inspecting her Pinwheel

April 15 – Have found several of these little bugs hanging out on the wee girlies play center the last few days.  Thought I’d snap a shot of one.  See if anyone can identify it.  It’s an odd looking little thing… probably about 1/2 cm long.  They just sit there.  I’ve never seen one moving.  Any thoughts?

an ugly bug just hanging out


April 16 – We rode home (me on my bike, Lily-Ann in her trailer) after our collective kitchen group finished up, and realized there wasn’t too long until Daddy would be home.  So figured we’d just stay out in the yard.  We pulled out the bubbles and the sidewalk chalk for the first time this season, about which the wee girlie couldn’t be happier.  She LOVES both.  So here’s her first chalk drawing of the year.  She was writing a message for our neighbours who might happen by during a walk or bike ride.  🙂

first chaulk drawing of the year

Sidewalk Chalk!

April 17 – The wee girlie had a sleep over with her Grams on Friday night, so I snapped this picture with my blackberry when we picked her up on Saturday.  She has her very own playground.  LOL  Years and years ago my mom ran a daycare, and still has the kid-friendly yard to prove it.  It was designed for a half a dozen kids to all be able to share… lots of space, lots of things to do… but now, it’s all for one.  🙂

my parent's extensive play area

Her very own playground.

April 18 (today) – We took our bikes out (Damon’s, mine, and the wee girlie’s bike trailer) and headed to the grocery store.  First day with t-shirts and shorts.  It felt great.  On the way back we took a detour and hit the park.  We stayed for quite a while, and a few different families came and went while we played.  We even pulled out some of the groceries and had an impromptu picnic… nothing fancy, just some raw veggies, fruit, and other yummies.  🙂  It was a really nice afternoon.  And I’m glad it was one we got to share with our whole family (rather than just Lily-Ann and myself).  It’s always nice to have Daddy home for outings that don’t always start off special, but end up that way because we’re together.  😀

little girl with a gleam in her eye... obviously up to something.

Up to Something.

Another Afternoon at the Zoo

Okay… so it wasn’t an entire afternoon.  Our household has been a little under the weather lately, and I think we all needed a little fresh air in our lungs.  So despite not being all better yet, we spent close to an hour at the zoo today.  While it may not have done much for us physically, it did a lot for our spirits – which makes a BIG difference.  Hopefully we’ll be all better soon, but at least we aren’t feeling as blue since making our brief escape.  😉

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Day

This Path We've Chosen

And here’s a bonus picture today…  me peeking out from behind my camera while looking into an animal enclosure (with a mirrored backing).  I like the reflection on the closest pane of glass too.  🙂

Me, peeking out from behind my camera to say HELLO


Tiki on the Fridge… again.

Boy…  doesn’t this look familiar.  LOL  Darn cat LOVES being on top of the fridge, and lays there almost exactly the same way EVERY time.  Silly beastie.

cat up on the top of the fridge again

Cat on a not-hot not-tin roof.

My goodness, look at the time…

Okay.  I was sitting in the car.  Noticed the time, and realized I hadn’t done anything for project 365 today.  So here it is.  LMAO  The time on my dashboard.  Enjoy.  😉

it's 9:26 PM, and all is well

9:26, and all is well

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