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Home again, home again…

Home again, home again.  Jiggity jog.

Yep.  I’m home.  Nothing much else to say.  Laying next to my wee girlie as I post this…  in the dark, as she sleeps.  🙂

daddy and daughter, racing to mommy.

Home with my Family

The Blue Blurrrrr

April Fools?  Nah…  just a Chihuahua.  😉

Took Roo out for a walk today.  Just down the block and back…  then let go of her leash and let her tear around the front yard.  It’s just what she does.  This girl loves to run.  Makes me wish they did coursing for Chihuahuas.  LOL  She definitely has a need for speed.  😀

My own personal "speed demon"... tearing up the yard, going not-quite-Greyhound fast.

They call her "the blue blurrrr". 😉

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