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Embarrassed to wear the Feminist badge

Today is the first time I’ve actually been embarrassed to wear the feminist label.  For the first time.  And it royally sucks.

There seems to be this tribe of feminists floating around out there that is spouting all sorts of nasty, hate-filled drivel.  The kind of crap that second-wave man-hating feminists became known for.  But this time?  This time it’s aimed at our sisters.

I’m sorry, but the day that third-wave feminism (which is all about supporting women in all their choices, believing in freedom, and the right to independence and freedom from persecution) turns into some crazy-assed fourth-wave anti-trans movement is the day I’m out.

No, I won’t link to the article that brought this whole movement to my attention…  but after finding it (through a link someone shared on facebook, a link someone actually recommended) I just kept finding more of it.  And it brought so much pain to my heart.  Seriously.  How can these women be so completely off the mark and not see it?

Feminism is about loving your fellow womyn.  Supporting them.  Caring for them.  Encouraging them.  Empowering them.  Knowing that together we can (and have) changed the world.  And regardless of what sex organs a person was born with, a woman is a woman is a woman.  It’s not about what parts you have or don’t have.  It’s about WHO YOU ARE.  My Trans-Sisters are my sisters, they are not brothers in drag, and they deserve every bit of respect, support, love, care, encouragement, and empowerment that every other woman does.

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at one of our local high schools.  I asked the students what the word gender actually meant.  Most didn’t have a clue, but one young person said “It’s about how you see the world”.  And that makes a whole lot of sense to me.  Gender really is about your point of view.  How you see yourself, and how you fit into society.  That is what makes a person a woman.  It’s not her breasts, her vulva or vagina, it’s not whether she has a womb or not, and it’s not her chromosomes either.  It’s about how she fits in her own skin.  How she sees herself.  How she views herself.  How she fits into her world.  And that, my friends, is why I see no reason to include the prefix “trans”.  It’s not that it’s a dirty word, it’s just that it’s unnecessary.

Women deserve your respect.  ALL women.  And if there are some who, behind the guise of a new feminist movement, don’t get that?  Well, they can go…  Okay, editing myself here…  They can just take a freakin’ jump off one of the many bridges here in Saskatoon.

CRTC – Usage Based Billing

The CRTC’s ruling in favor of usage based billing is nothing new, but suddenly there is a rallying cry against it.  Huzzah say I!  It’s about time the public came together against the greed based billing that is prevalent in so many industries, yet impacts the greatest number of consumers in this particular instance.

Folks, like myself, who are Shaw customers have seen the impact of this usage based billing as evident for a little while now.  If you exceed your usage allowance you are assessed a higher fee – which can be surprising (to say the least).  And these days it doesn’t take much to boost your usage beyond your allowance.  I upload and download scrapbooking kits, music, and movies – all which carry with them a high price in bandwidth since the CRTC passed this ruling.

Satellite internet users will find a rather interesting tactic employed to keep them below their allowed bandwidth.  If they download (or upload) too much too quickly, suddenly their speed drops to a snails pace.  While figurative, it’s as close to literal as one gets when describing the rate of media transfer.  Which is also something companies have not been warning their customers about prior to signing them up.

Hopefully the Canadian government – which has actually responded to the outcry over this “new” practice – will take strong and swift action.  This is yet another blow that is felt most by those of us on the low income spectrum.  The internet serves (for many of us) as a way to level the playing field…  but with usage based fees we suddenly find ourselves being marginalized yet again.  Free tv episodes, low cost movie rentals (via netflix and other providers), are suddenly set to be – yet again – out of our reach.

Thank you corporate greed.

Okay, rant over.  I’m putting away my virtual soap box, and returning to my regularly scheduled cuddle with the wee girlie.  😉  Night all.  Find something little to take joy in.  Rants are allowed, warranted, and can be rewarding…  but they are far from peaceful making.  LOL

But if you want a little more on the CRTC, their decision, and how it may affect you, check out this link:

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