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A new hairdo for Lily-Ann

Just like the title says, the wee girlie got a new hairdo today.  🙂

We’ve been reading a book from the library about Rapunzel, and so the wee girlie has decided she’d like to have long “tresses”.  Of course, this is just as we’d decided it was time for another hair cut.  The phase will likely pass though.  But, until it does I’m bound and determined to make her hair as easy care as possible.  So, here she is, hair still damp from being freshly washed and styled.  LOL  These wee braids (or chunky cornrows) should last for a while, and help cut down on the tangles.  And she was such a big girl while I put them in too.  Stayed nice and still, even though I know it pulled when I started each row.  I was very proud of her.

Sitting still for a sec, cause Mommy asked for a picture.

The view from above. 🙂

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