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Last Night in Regina

It’s our last night in Regina.  We’ll be heading home to Saskatoon tomorrow in the early afternoon.  So pretty quick we’ll start packing up our room, to make our morning a little easier.  I’m more than a little tired, I’m a little scattered just now.  My brain is simply too full – as usual the night before the trip home.  🙂  It’s all par for the course I suppose.  So, to save me from having to bumble through a blog post, as always when words fail, here are a few pictures of Alice and I in the ring this morning – when she won Best Puppy and Winners for another point (that’s three total towards her championship).

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Thanks to Judge Heather Langfeld for the point!  🙂

Sleeping Chihuahua (pic)

Long day.

Folks checked into the hotel room next to ours at 6 AM…  loudest people ever!  Seriously.  I gave up on getting any more sleep at 7:00.  We had no plans on waking before 9.  So by the time Alice and I were in the ring in the afternoon, we were already ready for a nap.  Which is exactly what we came back here to do:

Sweet little sleeping Chihuahua

My cow baby, snoozing on her cow.


No points for little Alice today, but hopefully with some rest and treats she’ll be back to her usual self, and ready to own the ring tomorrow.

Dog Show Expenses… GAG!

Sooo…  I’m getting ready for bed, wondering how it’s only 9:00, when it dawns on me;  I haven’t written a blog post.

Ugh.  Seriously.

It’s just one of those days I suppose.  I’m brain tired and body weary.  It’s only Tuesday but it feels like it should be Saturday.  It’s going to be a long week.

Photo shoot tomorrow afternoon.  Zoo school trip on Friday.  Leave for Regina Friday after supper.  Dog show from Saturday-Monday.  Head home Monday…  like the weekend never happened at all.  😉  I like lazy boring weeks with only one or two scheduled things to remember.  A couple photo shoots plus all the regular every day stuff.  I love being AWAY AT a dog show, but the getting ready while having to continue doing everything else is exhausting.

I booked our hotel room tonight.  I have to admit, it made me gag a little.  I think this is the very first year I’m handling expenses all on my own.  I’ve been showing dogs for other people for so many years that I’ve never actually had to cover my expenses all myself before.  It is a pretty amazing experience showing a puppy that I bred though…  it’s like nothing else really.  And while the large expenses make me want to gag, they’ll be worth it in the end.  Just got to get back to finding a client dog or two to help absorb things a little.  It’s always much easier on the pocket book to SHARE the burden that are show expenses.  LOL

Shame on the city of Regina!

The girlie has been sick today, so I’m too exhausted to write much…  but I can’t let this go without saying something.


The city of Regina has turned off the power to the park where the Occupy encampment is set up.  Now, I don’t live in Regina – I’m proudly in Saskatoon…  but really???  Does the city even have the authority to turn off the power to the park when they aren’t the ones providing said power???


The Occupy encampment is a peaceful demonstration.  And not only are they not hurting anyone, they are educating people, and providing for the homeless of your city as well.  This is a difficult time of year for the homeless of Saskatchewan.  It’s getting colder, and the risks are getting greater.  The demand for overnight beds is increasing, and there simply aren’t enough places for everyone to go.  The Occupy encampment is providing a safe, welcoming space.


City officials take note.  Give back the porta-potty.  Give back the power.  Allow this small group of people who are doing nothing but good to continue their protest, to continue educating, and to continue providing for those that many of you would rather forget.  The folks who are involved in Occupy Regina should be supported, not torn apart.

Wow…  okay.  Perhaps I had more energy than I thought.  But really, this should be a no brainer.  Leave the people at the Occupy encampment in peace, and with what few amenities they have.  Turn the power back on.  It’s not costing the city a darn thing.

RKOC Dog Show – Day Two

Today, being completely exhausted, I’m going to just share a bunch of photos.  As always, captured by my lovely younger sister, Jewles.  🙂  We’re another point closer to Marnie’s Championship – which is always a nice thing to be able to say after a busy dog show day.

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