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Piously Political

When I read a candidates bio, regardless of what banner they are running under, if I come to a section that tries to impress with religious affiliation it’s almost a guarantee they won’t get my support.  It doesn’t matter to me if they are Agnostic, Pagan, Christian, or otherwise.  It doesn’t matter if we share the same religious background or are polar opposites.  If they feel the need to attempt to win votes on the basis of religion, they will have lost my vote.

Winning votes based on religious affiliation is cowardly.  It is what you try to impress on voters when you have nothing else of worth to share.  Share what you feel about policy, what you think needs to change to make our country work.  Share with me how you feel about our future as a nation, about our children, about our families.  Share the story of how you came into a life political.  But don’t expect my vote if all you have to share is that you think we share faith.

When it comes to running a nation, a province, a city…  what matters is policy, not piety.


Breaking the Silence!

If you haven’t heard yet, here’s your “heads up”.  Breaking the Silence is this weekend!  Not familiar with it?  Here’s your chance to learn more.  It’s well worth learning about, and soooo worth attending.

You can find all the details at:

I’ll be there at the Camp fYrefly table during all the breaks.  Otherwise you’ll find me checking out all the different sessions and speakers.  There’s one in particular I’m looking forward to, early in the afternoon, in regards to life as a Transgendered individual in Saskatchewan.  Should be really interesting.  As someone who is active politically, I’m also very interested in the keynote address on Friday evening.  Marci McDonald is speaking on “Religion and Politics:  Where in Heaven’s name is Canada going?”.

Should be an awesome day and a half.  Hope to see you all there!


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