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Being a Unicorn – Living Authentically

To be your true, authentic self in a world that rejects even the possibility of that self, is a very brave thing.  Yet there are more and more people who are doing just that.  And more astoundingly?  There are more and more young people embracing themselves and refusing to live a life that doesn’t feel right, refusing to live the lie that their parents, doctor/midwife, and society has insisted they live.

I can’t even imagine the bravery of these young Transgender individuals.  Knowing that they don’t fit into their assigned gender, and refusing to be forced to live according to some standard that insists they are something other than what they feel – what they KNOW to be true.  That’s pretty freakin’ huge.

I have so much respect and love for the two individuals who have come out to me recently as being Trans.  For such young people, to have such a deep understanding of themselves, and to know what they need to do to make things right?  It’s an amazing thing.

Far too many people (both young and old) find it easier to live, trapped in societies view of what they should be, then to make the changes required to live authentically.  So when individuals who are half my age know what they need to do to make their world work for them?  And are willing to commit to making those changes happen?  They’ve earned themselves a wealth of respect in my eyes (of course, these two people already had both my respect and love… ).

So here’s to all those who haven’t gotten there yet, to all those still struggling within themselves, living within societies view of who they should be:  Here’s to finding inner strength, to finding love within yourself, and once you have those things to finding the support you need.  Here’s to being who you really are!  I believe you can get there.

Rainbows and unicorns my friends.  I wish you rainbows and unicorns!


I know some pretty amazing people!

There’s a ripple going through society, criticising youth for being lazy kids who want something for nothing…  but you know what?  That same ripple has been going through society since the dawn of time.

Let me set the scene:

Two cave men, long scraggly beards, haggard and worn, old men by thirty, sit by a fire about ten feet in from the entrance to a cave.  One of the men, hunched over with hands closer to an apes than a modern mans, grabs a stick from the dusty rock floor and pokes at the embers of an almost extinct log.  He grunts, a sound full of disgust, and motions towards the lanky cave youth just outside the dank cave who is carving the first wheel.  If we were able to listen in I’m sure his grunts would translate to something along these lines:  “Darn kids today, don’t know the value of a well skinned hide.  All they want to do is play with them damn rocks when they should be out hunting down mammoths.  Lazy no good kids.  Why in my day…”

Like I said.  People have been complaining about youth since the dawn of time.  And why?  Because our values change with each generation.  People grow and change.  And as we get older, we understand less about the things that the next generation values and appreciates.  But that doesn’t mean they are any less ambitious or driven than we were.  In fact, some of the most amazing people I know are the youth of today.

Young people willing to shave their heads to help raise funds and awareness for Cancer research – youth like Lexi and Sara.  Young people willing to walk away from their cushy lives here in Canada and live and learn in Ghana – youth like Corbin.  Young people willing to volunteer their time creating opportunities for other young people to find a sense of family in what started as a group of strangers – youth like Derrick and Sara.  Young people willing to go into schools and talk about bullying and hate, to help spread a message of hope and acceptance – youth like Sarah.  Young people willing to speak out when they see something happening that is wrong or unjust – youth like Mitch.  Young people creating amazing pieces of art that has the potential to change the way people view our world or themselves – youth like Zacery and Vincent.

…and that’s only a small handful of the truly amazing young people I know.

The youth of today deserve our respect.  Sure, they may do things differently than we did, but that doesn’t devalue their actions or their potential.  They are capable of some pretty incredible things.  I know I am hugely blessed to be involved in so many incredible young lives – even just as a cheerleader.

The next time you are sitting in your yard, or in your house, and you happen to catch a glimpse of a young person doing something that you may not value yourself…  think for a second.  They may just be about to create their generations “wheel”.


Well…  initially I was going to share a photography preview tonight, but then I had some read/write errors with one of my hard drives.  Don’t worry, we got it all cleared up, ran out and purchased a new external drive to replace the one that (totally out of the blue) began having issues, and are transferring all photographs to the new drive now.  Unfortunately that means no photographs to share – at least not tonight.  The transfer will probably finish up in the afternoon tomorrow – it’s a big drive with a ton of photoshoots stored on it.  So…  that postpones my initial plans for tonight’s blog.  Expect pictures tomorrow.  😉

Tonight then, let’s jump on board a new meme I’ve discovered:

Happenings of the Harper Household

This week they’re discussing piercing an infant’s ears.  Wanna guess what side of the debate I fall on?  It’s no secret I’m against any type of body modification for babies/children…  hence my newest made-up word (new to the blog? I make up a lot of words):  babymodification.  It’s just like body modification but baby specific.  And it’s SOOOO not okay.

Circumcision (male or female), piercing, sexual assignment (or reassignment) surgery… none of it is okay when performed on an infant or child.  It’s not YOUR body, and these are not your choices to make.  Is it a contr0vercial subject that gets heated on all sides?  You bet.  Am I the type to back down just because my views may ruffle some feathers?  Heck no.

The one argument I see time and time again for any babymodification is that we have the right to do what we’d like with our children.  And to that, all I can ever say is:  WOW!  Seriously, just wow.  That argument just doesn’t float.  And honestly?  We don’t have the right to do as we’d please with our own children (not in all instances) – nor should we.  The law steps in on many issues when it comes to child safety, and for me?  I think that babymodification is yet another where we need to offer more protection to children vs their parents.

No matter what the argument that gets put forth, for any type of babymodification, what it really comes down to is the fact that it is not OUR body.  I have pierced ears (in fact, they are more than pierced, they have 4g spirals through them presently), I also have a tattoo, I’ve also undergone breast surgery (reduction, if you’re the nosy type)…  do I think I have the right to insist on ANY of these things for my child just because I’ve done them?  Heck no.  My daughter’s body is her own.  And if she makes the choice to do any of these things (or others) when she’s old enough to make those decisions for herself, then all the more power to her.  It’s her body, it’s her choice.  So it should be for every child.


There are a lot of arguments on either side of the piercing debate, but honestly that’s what it ultimately comes down to.  It’s not our right to modify our children based on our own personal preferences.  Their body, their choice.  It’s about respecting the freedoms and rights of every individual to make these decisions for themselves.  We should respect our children enough to allow them to get through childhood without unnecessary, cosmetic, modifications.


I am disappointed.

During these last few weeks I have wrestled with a number of things in relation to the Green Party of Saskatchewan.  I have always been open and honest, and I will continue to be so.  I don’t like politics, I don’t like what it does to people… yet I continue on in my role as President of the provincial Green Party, and as a candidate whenever called upon.  After all, if I were to step down, I’d be letting the politicians win – and they’ve already shown their colours.  I can’t, in good conscience, leave the politics to the politicians.

I believe in the Green Party.  I believe in our principles.  I believe people can make a difference.  I cling to the ideal that we are better when we work together, and that we can accomplish anything.  I believe in honest open discussion.  I believe that we can move past our mistakes to become better.  I must hold fast to the notion that we will bring about change.  But today?  Today I am disheartened.

I just deleted eight paragraphs from this blog post.  Eight Paragraphs!  The fact of the matter is that there are things going on of which I am not proud.  I am concerned.  And for one particular thing I am down right embarrassed.  If my daughter treated someone as shabbily as some members of the provincial Greens have treated a former candidate and leadership contender she would be up for a stern discussion, at the end of which you could be darn sure she would never treat someone that poorly again.

I hate politics.  I hate what it does to people.  Can we not stand on different sides of an issue, on different sides of a campaign, yet still treat one another with respect and dignity?  We are all in the same boat… and it appears to be taking on water.  😦

I want to brag, but I’ve been asked to refrain.

I really want to brag about something my husband did.  Something that made me proud in an enormous way.  But he asked me not to.  He doesn’t think acting like a human being is brag worthy…  but trust me, it is.

So many times, people don’t treat one another well.  So many people are treated as sub-par.  So many so, that it’s become more normal for it to happen than for it not to.  It shouldn’t be something worth bragging on – to treat folks with dignity and respect.  To treat them as equals.  But in this day and age, it really is.  Especially when you defend said people against remarks or injustices.

I can’t provide details.  But I had to say something.  Today, I’m so proud of my man…  Because to treat people as equals really is a big deal in a world where it’s not expected.  🙂

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