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Goofy kid…

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Girlie

Mommy’s Little Yogi!

The wee girlie and I both enjoy Yoga.  So it was a proud mommy moment today when I caught the wee girlie teaching one of her stuffies a few basic poses.  🙂

Tree Pose

After demonstrating how Tree Pose is done, Lily-Ann helps move Rudolf into proper form (reindeer style), as a good Yogi should.

Next she demonstrates how to move from Downward Facing Dog into Cobra:

Moving from Downward Facing Dog into Cobra.

Cobra Pose

She finished up with Lion Pose – but asked that I put down the camera to join her for that one.  LOL

Nothing like a kitchen floor, impromptu, Yoga class.  😀

Like I said…  very proud mommy moment.

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