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Happy PRIDE Week Saskatoon!

Welcome to the 20th anniversary of Pride week in Saskatoon!  Yep.  20 years of Pride.  It’s a pretty amazing thing.

I’ve only been attending for five or six years now…  maybe seven.  But even in that short a time, the leaps and bounds taken have been amazing.  I remember it only being a handful of people out, but we are now seeing thousands of people every year – and the number is growing exponentially every year.  It really is an amazing thing!

So, here’s a brief run down on a few of my favourite Pride events:

Picnic in the Park (formerly known as Family Day) – Sunday June 10th, 11:00 till 4:00 @ Kinsmen Park.  Burgers and hotdogs available for $2, pop for $1.  There are always lots of fun games for the kids, as well as face painting.  And this year there will also be a softball game for the “grownups”.  Bring a blanket, or just hang out on the grass.  🙂

Welcome to the Gaybourhood – Wednesday June 13th, 12:00 till 3:00 on 21st Street West between Ave C and D.  Free Burgers and hotdogs.  Free live music and performance art.  This one is always a lot of fun – and I’ve been there every year since it’s first.  Is this three or four now?  LOL  I can’t remember.

Mosaic Art & Fashion Show – Wednesday June 13th, 7:00 until midnight @ the Albert Community Center, 610 Clarence Ave S.  Tickets are $15 at the door.  This will actually be the first year I’ve attended this show.  I’ve always wanted to, but the timing just never worked out for me before.  And even better?  I’ll actually be debuting several pieces from my Power of SHe project at the show.  So you’ll definitely want to come out for this one.  Lots of great art will be available for purchase (including mine).

Pride Parade and Community Fair – Saturday June 16th, 12:00 till 7:00 @ Victoria Park.  The parade starts at 1:00 and the entertainment on the free stage will be starting up at about 2:15.  Beer gardens, lots of vendors (both food and awesome wares), some fabulous community and non-profit groups will be there with info…  It’s always an amazing time.  So come on out!  As this years Pride theme says, “OUT is IN!”

There are lots more events as well – these are just my personal “must attends”.  You can get all the details at  And remember:  You don’t have to identify as a member of the acronym community to attend.  Allies are HUGELY important, and everyone is welcome!


OUT is IN - Saskatoon's 2012 Pride Week


PRIDE WEEK – Welcome to the Gaybourhood!

Today was the third annual Welcome to the Gaybourhood – and I’m proud to say I’ve been at all three.  LOL  It’s one of my absolute favourite Pride Week events.  While the numbers were a little disappointing this year, nothing else was!  Absolutely wonderful people, great entertainment, yummy food, and gorgeous weather too.  No way could one be let down when all those ducks line up neatly in a row.  🙂

A couple of new things for us this year:  Saskatoon’s juggling club, The Secret Circus, was there and we finally got to see my sister’s group, The Seahags, perform – so yay!

I honestly couldn’t possibly say enough good things about the gentlemen who were at Welcome to the Gaybourhood representing The Secret Circus.  Robin, Paul, and Breton were all fantastic performers…  and Robin and Paul were absolutely amazing with Lily-Ann.  Seriously.  We hung out with them for a good hour before they went up on stage to do their bit – and they taught her all sorts of cool things.  They were so generous with their time and knowledge, it was a real treat.  And I think I may have to hunt down a Diabollo (did I spell that right) for the girlie, she ADORED theirs.  LMAO

The Seahags were “dismembered”, as there were only three of the five of them performing today – but Lily was more than happy to help out, and boosted their numbers up one.  She danced on stage with them until the sun just got to be too much, came down to cuddle with me for a half a song then asked (ever so politely) to leave.  So while I was enjoying getting to hear my sister play for the first time in forever, we packed it up.

As always…  an absolutely wonderful day at Welcome to the Gaybourhood!

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A Little Behind, Camp fYrefly, and Gay Latte

First off, an apology.  I’m a little behind.  Still lots of photos to edit, and just haven’t had the time to put in that I was hoping I would this week.  So to my TD Photography clients who are waiting on their disks – I am sorry.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get them all finished early next week.

Second, a Hoowah!  Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan is now on Facebook.  Okay, yes…  we had a group there before, but lets be honest, groups aren’t really worth a whole lot.  LOL  So now we have a PAGE on FB.  Hope you’ll all come by and “like” us.

Third, a request.  It appears that the planning for Gay Latte (which is being held during PRIDE week here in Saskatoon) has fallen to me.  As I mentioned above, I’m already a little behind in my workload so I’m really hoping for some help with this.  If you are a local writer – professional or amateur – and would be interested in doing a reading, please let me know.  I’d like to ensure that everyone who would like a chance to read, has the opportunity.

Now?  I’m off to watch a little Fringe on DVD before falling blissfully to sleep.  😉

Welcome to the Gaybourhood!

Today was the second annual Welcome to the Gaybourhood barbecue.  I wasn’t able to attend for as long as I’d have liked, but I’m sure glad I was able to spend what time there I could.  Last years event was fabulous, and this year did not fall short.  Lots of great music, wonderful people, and yummy food.  This year I invited my friend Dani to come along, and I think she had a really nice time too.

Jeremy – It was nice to see you, it’s been too long.

Bran – What a pleasure, thanks so much for your company.  And thank you so much for being so sweet with the wee girlie.  😀

Dani –  I’m so glad you were able to come.  I loved having you there.

Going through my photos, I have to admit to difficulty choosing which image to post as representative of the entire event.  Crystal Clear served as the event host, and did a marvelous job (as always).   She looked wonderful today.  A photo of her would be appropriate.  Or a crowd shot.  I even have a picture of two people sitting visiting, two people I don’t know – but who just looked like they were having a nice, relaxed, enjoyable time.  In the end, I’ve picked a photograph of the wee girlie.  I know, I know…  another one.  LMAO  But honestly?  I think this photo sums PRIDE up really well.

After the stage cleared and Crystal thanked everyone who deserved a mention, Lily-Ann was thrilled to have her turn.  She’d tried to rush up on stage earlier, and was disappointed when I ushered her away.  She loves being on stage.  So, when everything was shutting down I whispered to her that it was her turn.

Music blaring over the speakers, wee girlie was in her zone.  She danced up there, smile bright as the sun.  And in one joyous moment she threw her fist into the air in celebration of all that she is and all that she loves.  And that, my friends, is PRIDE.

Welcome to the Gaybourhood 2010


PRIDE EVENTS still to come:

Positive Passions Pint Crawl – 7:00 on June 10th starting @ Lydia’s.  $20.

Amateur Comedy Night, hosted by Crystal Clear – 9:00 on June 10th @ Diva’s.  No charge.

Positive Passions Martini Crawl – 7:00 on June 11th starting @ The Barking Fish.  $25.

High Energy Drag Show – 10:00 on June 11th @ Diva’s.  $5.  The martini crawl will end here, so you can do both.

PRIDE Parade, Community Fair, and Community Stage – 11:00 on June 12th @ Saskatoon City Hall.  Parade begins at noon.  Entertainment begins afterwards.  Free (but there will be plenty of booths at which to spend or donate money should you see fit to do so).

Illuminate, the 2010 PRIDE Dance – 9:00 on June 12th @ the Odeon.  $15.

Diva’s Annual PRIDE Wrap Up Dance – 8:00 on June 12th @ Diva’s.  $5 for non-members, members are free.

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