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The Kid’s First School Concert – Sharin’ Some Mamma Pride!

This is kid-kid’s second year of pre-kindergarten, but this is the first year her class participated in the school’s holiday concert.  I have to admit, it was a pretty neat experience.  That many people jammed into that tiny gym was a bit of a nightmare, but thankfully the pre-k kids were up first… and we took off right afterwards.  LOL  We joined my parents and my Grampa at Timmies for a candy cane hot chocolate before taking the girl home to bed.

Wanna see the concert (the pre-k performance anyway)?  Here it is!  I was busy taking photographs – and yes, you can hear the shutter clicking away on the video – so Damon held the iPad to record the performance for me.  He thought it was a little overkill, to have photos and video, but I assured him that it was definitely needed.  😉

Wish I could just imbed it into the post, but it was too big a file to email to myself so I could post it on youtube (in which case I’d have been able to imbed it).  Instead I had to upload it to my MobileMe account with Apple…  but here’s the link.  The entire clip is only three minutes long and it’s totally adorable.

The Christmas Concert –

You can’t miss kid-kid.  She’s all dressed in green (green shirt, green jeans), wearing a suede and lambswool vest, a red tutu, and silver antlers.  You’d think she was the only kid who knew it was a HOLIDAY concert.  😉  Of course, you can’t miss hearing her.  She sang louder than anyone else on that stage.  LOL

Yep.  She’s freakin’ awesome and she knows it.  😀


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