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Scraptastic Saturday – “I Am The Great Cornholio!”

On the evening of the 13th, as I was helping the wee girlie get ready for bed, she transformed from my beautiful amazing little girl into the great CORNHOLIO.  Demanding TP for her bunghole, she proceeded to jump up and down on the bed and hurl pillows hither and yon.  Bouncing maniacally she repeated her demand for TP.  “Are you threatening me, Bungholio?”

Okay.  LOL  So it wasn’t all that.  But she did do her best Beavis impersonation, amid peels of laughter.  “I am the great Cornholio.  I need TP for my bunghole.”  It was great.  She does enjoy King of the Hill, but I imagine it will be a few years till she’s actually ready for Beavis and Butthead in their full glory.  We’ll save THAT particular Mike Judd classic for when she’s in grade school (at least).  LOL

the wee girlie as cornolio

"I am the great Cornolio"

Scrapbooking kit Monster Make Believe by Jacqui’s Scraps.  Available at Polka Dot Plum.

Scraptastic Saturdays – My Favourite Layout

Early this week I created what is my new favourite layout.  I’m really proud of this one.  It features a photograph that you’ve seen on this blog before…  but that had  a regrettable bit of negative space (specifically a garbage bin and a shovel).  Extracting the wee girlie, the snow, and the snowflakes (and duplicating the snow so that it appears on both sides) made for a much more pleasing image where nothing competes for your attention.  It is the simplest layout I’ve created, but I do think it is the most beautiful as well.  🙂

Wee girlie in the snow, a perfect, magickal moment.

This LO (short for layout) has been awarded LOTD (layout of the day) at Enchanted Studio Scraps and is now up for LOTW (layout of the week).  Wish me luck.  Voting is this weekend.

I used the Magically Pink kit by Sugar Pie Scraps.  It’s a wonderful kit that was just released last week.  It’s available for sale through ESS.  I only used two papers, and two  elements (star and wordart) from it… but I have to admit that I had a hard time limiting myself.  Lots of great stuff in the kit.  🙂

For a special Halloween treat, head on over to ESS and visit the blog.  Every day leading up to the 31st they are giving away part of a huge mega-kit.  All you have to do is visit the blog, and click the image to download…  try to get there every day, and you’ll get the entire kit for free.  🙂

Enchanted Studio Scraps Blog –

Scraptastic Saturdays – Modesty

Today I just thought I’d share a new layout with you all.  The kit I used is called Built-in Playmate and is a collaboration between Kat’s Creations and another designer.  As a member of Kat’s Creative Team, I had early access to the kit so got to play with it before it was released.

the wee girlie and rooty toot Chihuahua


Scraptastic Saturday – I’m BACK!

Sorry everyone.  I’ve been an absentee blogger lately.  I have been taking a daily photograph, but life simply got in the way of my posting them.  I’ve been absolutely run off my feet the last while, but I am hoping everything is going to settle back down into our regular routine now.  Of course, those could end up becoming famous last words – though I hope not.  LOL

So, it’s Scraptastic Saturday.  That being the case, I’ve got a couple things to share.  🙂

As you likely read earlier in the week, “Little” was born!  YAY!  Well, “Little” now has a name:  Finn.  And it suits him perfectly.  So here’s a layout I did a little earlier in the week, when Finn was only a couple days old, featuring photos from when he was only minutes old.

Welcome Finn!

For this layout I used a kit by Sugar Pie Scraps called “My Boy”.  It is available at the Digital Scrap Cafe, here’s a direct link to the kit:

In other scraptastic news, I am now running the Definition Challenge over at Enchanted Studio Scraps.  The whole month of October, everything has been done to reflect a spooky Halloween theme – which I just love.  🙂  This is SOOO my favourite time of year.  With that in mind, I decided to use the word “creepy” for this months challenge.  Hope you’ll decide to play along.

Creepy Definition

You can find the challenge rules, and download the wordart at:

Well, that’s it for today.  Welcome to October everyone.  Hope it’s a spooktacular month for you.  😀  Full of the richness of the season, the warmth of the heart, and the fun of both Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Be good to one another!

Scraptastic Saturday – Back 2 School

First off…  I’m so glad you all liked my first attempts at creating my own wordart.  🙂  Each of them has had over 120 downloads already.  That’s awesome!  I’m honestly just tickled.

Secondly…  It might be a little while before I try another challenge.  LMAO  Only one entry.  But it was super cute.  So I’m very happy to offer Michele (mdkscrapper) a code worth three dollars off at Sugar Pie Scraps ESS store.  Drop me a line at td at tobi-dawne dot com to claim your prize.  🙂  And thanks so much for participating.

Thirdly…  I decided that this week I’d share one of my layouts.  It’s one I did this week, and I really am happy with how it turned out.  I have to admit, I was actually really disappointed that it didn’t win Layout of the Day at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I totally thought it was LOTD worthy.  LMAO  But it was chosen as a Gallery Standout by Kat’s Creations Creative Team.  That’s three out of the last four weeks that one of my LOs has been featured on her blog.  🙂  So…  here’s my LO (layout).

a digital scrapbook layout

Puppy Love – scrapbook night

Scrapbook night!  🙂

I love scrapbooking, and even better is doing it with a friend.  So scrapbook night rocks!  My gf Dani and I sit around and gab for three hours while we work on our pages.  It’s SOOO cathartic.  I always feel better after an evening with her.

Tonight, as usual, I worked on my wedding book.  But this was a page about me… so, of course, it ended up including Chihuahuas.  Here’s a wee portion of the page.  I took a pair of slippers from one of my sticker sets, and chopped up the heel.  LOL  So it looks like it’s been chewed up by a playful puppy.  Thought it was pretty cute.  🙂

Puppy Love, portion of a scrapbook page

Puppy Love (a small portion of a scrapbook page)

That’s Sidney giving me a kiss on the nose.  She’s one of the dogs who attended our wedding ceremony (yes, dogs were invited).

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