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A couple dog show photos of Alice.

We’ve had a couple super late nights…  Mom and Dad went out last night, and did again tonight.  So we were over at their place keeping an eye on everyone.

I had brought my computer and one of my hard drives along.  So I spent some time doing editing from yesterdays shoot, and also had a peek at the photos my sister took for me during the HCKOC show on the weekend.  I knew going in that today was going to be just as late as yesterday so I pulled out a couple photos from the dog show.  Figured I’d share them tonight.  🙂

It was Alice’s first weekend out, and I was quite pleased with how she did.  She was happy in the ring.  Stood pretty well on the table.  Her tail was wagging, and she focused on me.  And to take Best of Winners and Best Puppy two out of three times on a very first try?  That’s nothing to snub one’s nose at.

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RKOC Dog Show – Day One

Yesterday evening my little sister, Jewles, and I arrived in Regina Saskatchewan.  I have to give a plug to the Ramada.  We had only booked a single room – but they upgraded us to a double, free of charge.  Large, clean room, with a fabulous desk space, a table, and a double size night stand… all in addition to a fridge and microwave.  And we are totally looking forward to heading to the pool a little later – it’s gorgeous!

Anyway, today Marnie (Em’s and my Chihuahua puppy) won her third point towards her Championship.  So YAY!  🙂  But even better than winning another point?  Marnie, for the first time, actually relaxed and had fun in the ring.  It was great!  She totally got silly and actually played with Chevy (our friend’s Chihuahua).  So yeah.  A good dog show day.

Marnie, tail up, strutting her stuff in the dog show ring.

Marnie, the Long Coat Chihuahua Puppy

Thanks to Jewles for snagging these photos for me.  🙂  Always nice to have in ring candids.

Now, off to snack, then it’s time to hit the pool before getting ready for tomorrow at the show.

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