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GETTING on the road again…

Busy day today.

Got a whole whack of disks out ready to be picked up from the photo shoots I’d done the last couple of weeks.  Did them up differently than what I’d done in the past, and I’m very happy with them.  Laser inscribed, coloured disks in matching coloured sleeves.  I figure beautiful pictures should be delivered in a beautiful package…  and now they are.  It took a little work to get all the kinks out of the new system, but I am very happy with the end result.

Created an ad for TD Photography.  It’s a little half page black and white one that will run in this years PRIDE Guide.  We always attend as many events as possible during PRIDE Week every year, so I’m super excited to have TD Photography in the guide AND to be helping to organize the Gay Latte poetry night this year.

Did almost all the grocery shopping for the dog show.  All I have left to buy is bait at the deli.  Sliced chicken loaf.  The dogs always go gaga for it…  and the only time they ever get any is at a dog show.

Sewed up a new x-pen surround.  I’d bought the material last year, but never got around to actually putting it together.  So I’m glad it’s finished.  It will be much prettier than just draping baby blankets over the crate and pen.

Laundry all finished up and folded too.  So come tomorrow, I’ll be ready to pack, and both DH and the girl will have plenty of clothes so I don’t have to worry about what they’ll wear whilst I’m away.

I’m always completely exhausted by the time I actually leave for a show.  It takes a ton of work to get everything ready.  Once upon a time (before child, before jobs) it was a relatively simple thing…  and everything could easily be accomplished the day I left.  Not any more.  LOL  Heck, I’ll even be taking work WITH  me to do at the show during my very limited down time.  Just because I’m away, doesn’t mean the world stops.  Still lots to do on both my Camp fYrefly and TD Photography plates.

Well…  I’m one tired chick.  Time to rest.

Night all!

Sweet dreams.

My new project, the buttercup bag.

Hit the fabric store today.  I LOVE the fabric store.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before.  LOL  It just speaks to me of possibilities.  All the gorgeous fabrics just waiting for someone (and their inspiration) to turn them into something new and amazing.  Joy is easy for me to find in a fabric store.  LOL  And yes, I realize this likely makes me a huge nerd.  😉

Here’s what I’m making for the wee girlie:

The Buttercup Bag

You can download the pattern for free at this super awesome sewing blog called Made By Rae.  The pattern is at

Lily-Ann’s bag will be purple with silver.  Super cute.  🙂  I’ll share it with you all when I’m finished.  She’s already super excited about it.

A Tutu for You-you.

Decided to make the wee girlie another tutu today (this is her fourth).  LOL  Three that I’ve made, and one that my mom bought for her.  She loves dressing up, and throwing a tutu on over ANYTHING including a t-shirt and jeans means it’s instantly princess worthy.  Case in point – yesterday.  LOL  T-shirt and jeans, toss on a tutu and you’ve got a happy girlie.

As per request (by Denyse) here’s a photo of the girl in her new tutu.  I’d have preferred an action shot that shows off how flouncy and cute it is…  but I used my camera phone.  So, the only way to get any kind of recognizable image (as she moves so quickly) is to have her sit down.  So I had her sit down.  😉

Pink and purple tutu for Lily-Ann lou who.

A tutu for you-you.

This tutu features alternating strands of pink and purple tulle with sparkles.  I’ve also included about 8-10 strands of ribbon – just for fun.  🙂  It’s a different style than the others I’ve made for her.  More flouncy, less skirty.

Rocking Chair Project

The wee girlie got a new rocking chair a couple of days ago.  Really pretty little thing.  🙂  So…  what’s a crafty mom to do, but create a cushion and lap blanket to match.  Pillow coming soon.  😉

new rocking chair, with a mom-made cushion and lap blanket.

Perfect for the Wee Girlie

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