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Hailey’s Question

I volunteer in the girl’s classroom on Thursdays, and like any Thursday, I was there today.  I love that the kids seem to enjoy my being there.  They get extra attention, so it’s a good thing.  I always get a ton of hugs, they draw me pictures, I read stories, and I just hang out and listen to anything they feel is important enough to share.

Today, Hailey came over to me, with her hands on her hips, looking very serious.  She stood, looking at me for a second, one eye narrowed, before she finally spoke.  Then in a slightly accusatory tone she asked “Why does Lily-Ann always look so pretty?”  Pretty coming out with a little extra venom.  I thought for a brief moment (stifling my laughter) and replied “Well, I guess that’s just how she feels inside.”  Seemingly satisfied with my answer, she sauntered off.

Mommy’s Little Airbender!

We love playing with makeup…  it’s just not always used the way it’s intended.  I’ll do my makeup roughly once or twice a month (seriously, I rarely wear any, and when I do it’s usually just a touch of it here or there.  It’s a highly unusual occasion that sees me with eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, dusting powder, and blush).  The girl likes to do her own makeup though, and tends to go all out when given the opportunity.  However, when she asks me to do hers?  We usually come up with something extra fun.

Today the girl decided she wanted to have an arrow on her head just like Aang (from Avatar the Last Airbender – for the not avatards among us).  So I pulled out my blue eyeliner – which I have for just such occasions, cause goodness knows it’ll never be used on my eyes, grabbed her blue eye shadow, scoped out her blue glitter (made sure it wasn’t crusty yet) and held her bangs out of the way.

First I drew and coloured in the arrow with my dark blue liner.  Then I dabbed over the entirety of it with her light blue shadow.  For that extra punch, I then lined it with the blue glitter.  So, yeah…  purists may argue that Airbenders don’t have an outline around theirs, but come on…  blue glitter!  Ya gotta use glitter when you get the chance.  Sparkles just make everything better!

Voila!  Instant airbender!

Here are a few shots I nabbed with my iPhone:

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A Bunch of Benders

After supper the three of us sat down to watch the season finale for The Legend of Korra.  It’s a show all three of us enjoy together.  It’s well written, and humorously animated.  After watching the finale, the girl began pondering what each of us would be able to bend, should we be benders.  We all took our guesses at one another.  We had a good laugh, and had fun teasing one another about who among us might be “Tootbenders”.  Then I proposed we check online and see what we could find.  After a quick search, I found a couple of quizes that reveal your bending tendencies.  Here are our results.

Quiz One:


You would excel at Airbending.
Air is a lively and flippant element. It’s tempermental, and can bring fun and excitement or pain and destruction. One sufficient in Airbending would need to have an enlightened spirit and a sense of adventure.
Positive Qualities You Have:
– a great sense of adventure, willing to try new things
– very friendly
Negative Qualities You Have:
– has many emotional ups and downs
– may be prone to occasional bigheadedness
– may sometimes feel invisible and seek attention


You would excel at Waterbending.
Water is a unique and fascinating element, strongly tied to the will of the Moon. The Moon and water work together, push and pull, and create harmony. Water is also the creator of all life, healing and assisting. One suffiecient in Waterbending would need to have strong ties to the Moon and much grace.
Positive Qualities You Have:
– grace
– great intellect, a philosopher
– unique and somewhat eccentric personality
Negative Qualities You Have:
– too much of a “go with the flow” attitude
– like air, somewhat temperamental


It said that I too would be an Airbender, which I’m sure wouldn’t shock anyone.

The second quiz was a lot more in depth, but wasn’t quite as fun.  LOL  I loved the “camping in the woods when a bandit comes along” scenario in the first one.  It cracked us all up as we imagined ourselves in that situation.  But I LOVED the little chart that actually breaks down exactly how you fit into each element on the second quiz.  Very cool.

the four elements

Second Quiz:—-whats-your-bending-element/index.php


You Scored as Firebender

Firebending origin is still unknown, but it has been mentioned that it has a strong relation with the sun. Firebenders’ fighting style is fast, precise, aggressive and sometimes vicious. An experienced firebender can create lightning or a kind of blue fire, like Azula, that is hotter and with more impact power. This element lacks in defensive properties, but if you took this result you must be the kind of person that likes to be the one that gives the first step and attack first, giving the enemie no opportunity to strike. Warning: Firebending exiges great discipline, because if used lightly, it can hurt the bender and people around them – by that you can see that a firebender can still get burnt. They weakness is low temperatures and high moisture.



You Scored as Airbender

Airbenders learned their art from the Sky Bisons. They have a peaceful philosophy and avoid conflict. Their airbending abilities allow them to fly (with a kind of glider), enhance their jumps, speed and reflexes and can create an Air Cushion to break falls. If you took this result you’re the kind of person that likes to feel free and have a great imagination. Airbenders’ advantage is that they have no problems about the enviroment to bend, since there’s air everywhere. But, underwater, airbender will have difficulties to find air, because they would have to use the air from the surface, or take out air from underground, what would spend too much energy, depending on the distance of both. Another weakness of airbending is the lack of deadly finishing moves, but there is a vicious technique that the airbender could use, that is to take the air out of the enemie’s lungs, but since airbenders are totally against harming seriously someone, they would never do this.



Now, considering I scored as an Airbender on this one, and Damon scored as a Firebender?  Her result is super awesome!  As she ended up tied between both.  I mean, seriously?  How cool!  😉



So, curious at all?  I know I’d be.  LOL  So why don’t you hop on over and do a quiz, and then run on back here and tell us all about your bending skillz!  😀

Two Women

Two women with the same first name,

who also shared a last initial,

phoned me up on the very same day.

Both left a message, and to both I replied,

again on the same, very same, day.

Sharing a name and an initial is nice,

sharing a time and a location? Think twice.

One booked a Monday, the other Today.

Same time, same place,

same name, same initial.

Both with families,

Quite individual.

I never claimed to be a poet, but every so often life demands more than prose.  😉

And seriously, everything, all along the board… just kept seeming more and more odd.  It was funny enough to receive two phone messages one after another from women with the same first name and last initial.  And they both sounded quite similar on the phone – so much so that I actually made sure to clarify that the second woman really was a different woman.  LOL  But then, for them to pick sessions one day after the other (booked way in advance), and for the same times?  It couldn’t end there though, in the end they both ended up choosing the exact same meet-up spot, and we shot in almost the exact same spots…  and it’s not like this is a usual spot for me – these were the first two sessions I’ve shot in this particular location since last year.  LMAO  And this was not of my doing, both families requested this spot without first asking me for suggestions.  I just thought it was WAY too funny.

Scraptastic Saturdays – Then and Now

I have been a scrappin’ machine this last week.  Seriously, I’m usually content to get a LO or two done every week…  this week though?  I think I’ve finished SIX of them.  Like I said, scrappin’ machine.  LOL

So…  what I decided to share, are two layouts.  I didn’t plan them together or anything.  But  when I looked back through the week, I realized I created two that focused solely on the wee girlie, and both utilized templates by ScrapElf from the Silly Side collection.   One features pictures I took on Thursday, one features pictures her Daddy took the day she was born.

Without further ado.  Here’s Lily-Ann.  Then and Now.  🙂

Lily-Ann, when she was brand new.


A fun and exhuberant three year old girl.



Then – Sweet Baby kit by Missy’s Bits and AliSarah  & Silly Sides Template by ScrapElf.

Now – Potty kit for girls by Sugar Pie Scraps & Silly Sides Template by ScrapElf.

Happy New Year!

For those of you who celebrate based on the Celtic calendar, have a wonderful new year!  Together we enter the dark, but within it is the promise of light and new life.  Share your table, your harvest, and your cheer with those around you, and may you be blessed throughout this new year.

The wee girlie and I, being silly.

Rolling down a hill…

Somehow, somewhere, the simple act of rolling down a hill goes from being an act of pure elation to one that…  well…  is inconceivable.  (yes, I watched The Princess Bride recently)  So here is the wee girlie, finding joy in one of the simplest of ways.

Goofy kid.  😉

rolling, rolling, rolling...

Hoppy Easter! (and a lesson)

Here’s our photo of the day…  The wee girlie looking awfully cute, leaning on one of our trees, all dressed up and ready to go.

All dressed up in her easter best.

Hoppy Easter!

Now…  here’s our lesson.

What NOT to do when your mother has a photo-a-day-blog and attempts to take a picture of you:

Ahhhhhhahahaha...silly little girlmaking faces

heh heh…  😀

Making Faces…

Here’s Lily-Ann, making faces in the mirror…  looking a little like Strawberry Shortcake if you ask me.  LOL

looking like strawberry shortcake with her tongue out


first time I've seen her do this one...  fingers in the mouth to stretch it wide.

getting creative with the faces

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