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Saying Goodbye to The Wiggles!

Tonight, The Wiggles hit Saskatoon on their way across Canada and North America on their farewell tour.  Thankfully my parents nabbed two tickets for the show, so Lily-Ann and my Mom got to see one of the last performances of Jeff, Murray, and Greg (Anthony, the blue Wiggle, will be continuing on along with the new cast including the first female member of the gang).  This was their second Wiggles concert as they also went to see them during their Birthday Celebration tour a year or two ago.

The girl is sad that so many of the Wiggles are moving on, but I explained how nice it will be for them to be able to spend more time with their families, and she did think that was a good thing.  She also liked the idea that her new baby cousin Leandro will get to grow up with a whole new crew to sing along with.  So we talked a little about how we can be sad about something, but also happy about it too… all at the same time.

At Pop Pop and Grams’ house with her bone for Wags, her rose for Dorothy, and her cash. All set for The Wiggles farewell show!

My favourite story from the night though, had to be from after the show.  Lily-Ann didn’t have an opportunity to give the bone she made to Wags, or the rose (a silk one, from our wedding) she brought to Dorothy during the show.  My Mom had noticed that some of the kids had just put their items up on the edge of the stage as they left.  So the two of them made their way up to the front.

The melt-bead bone her Daddy and I helped her make for Wags the Dog.

Now…  Lily-Ann is one fast kid.  All kids are fast, but she’s even faster than most.  Super smart, and agile to boot, she has a way of getting through spaces and human traffic that others couldn’t even imagine.  So it’s no surprise she beat Grams to the stage.  However, my Mom hadn’t anticipated what the girl did next.

Lily-Ann didn’t set her gifts on the edge of the stage where the other kid’s items were left.  Oh no.  She climbed onto the stage herself, wiggled under a velvet rope, up onto another level of the stage, and snuck back behind the curtain…  and just like that, she was back stage.  She got to see all the props and sets and actors and dancers, and stage hands, and then the stage manager noticed this fiery little redhead bobbing around in awe and excitement.

Apparently he was very sweet with her.  He told her that Wags and Dorothy were sleeping, but that he would be happy to bring her rose and hand-crafted bone to them.  And that was good enough for the girl.  🙂

So in addition to an amazing show, and a couple very cool momentos, she has a very unique memory of getting a real behind the scenes look at a show that few get to see.

Thank you, for TWO DECADES of dedication and enthusiasm you’ve given to so many children! Music is an amazing gift to give, and you’ve done just that. Good luck in the future, and thanks again!

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