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Spring is Here!

Well folks, I think it’s official.  Spring has come early to Saskatchewan.  And well, let’s be honest.  I’m not sure Winter ever fully arrived.  LOL  It was an odd, odd season.

It’s even more wonderful coming outside to discover Spring has arrived when you’ve been cooped up indoors for days on end with a cold.  🙂  So after her first afternoon back at pre-k, the girl took the opportunity to jump, and splash, and just breathe in the awesome Spring air.

Rainy Day

Even a cloudy, rainy day is a wonderful thing when you look at it through the eyes of an almost three year old.  🙂

Playing in Puddles

On two completely unrelated notes:

– finished the wee girlie’s dress for the PRIDE parade this evening

– am trying a new medication for the debilitating back pain I’ve been experiencing the last two weeks

Yay on both accounts.  🙂

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