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Snowy & Blowy

It’s snowy, blowy, and cold.

I know.  It’s April.  In Saskatchewan.  Of COURSE it’s snowy, blowy, and cold….


I thought spring was actually here.  I shared pictures of us outside in the lovely warm glow of the sun.  Shared a picture of the new life peeking through the old rot.  And now.  Now.  After all the early, lovely, life affirming spring time lovelies.  Now, it’s snowy, blowy, and cold.

I’m staying inside today.  Here’s a picture from my window:

the view through my bamboo blinds, the big evergreen in our front yard.

Snowy & Blowy.


playing in the yard

Here’s the wee girlie… playing in the yard after our bike ride.  🙂

playing with little people in the front yard

playing in the yard

Hoppy Easter! (and a lesson)

Here’s our photo of the day…  The wee girlie looking awfully cute, leaning on one of our trees, all dressed up and ready to go.

All dressed up in her easter best.

Hoppy Easter!

Now…  here’s our lesson.

What NOT to do when your mother has a photo-a-day-blog and attempts to take a picture of you:

Ahhhhhhahahaha...silly little girlmaking faces

heh heh…  😀

First Bounce!

The first bounce of the season!

Wee girlie was BORN to jump on a trampoline.  She absolutely lives for it.  She didn’t get out in the yard for long, but she did get in the first few bounces of the season…  and she was thrilled about it!

Seriously, she’s been using my parents trampoline since before she could walk.  She’d be out there crawling around on it, and before that, just sitting on it while we bounced her.  She loves it!  One day we may have to figure out a way to get her one of her own.  🙂

So while this photo wasn’t the best of todays…  it certainly made me smile the biggest.  😀

jumping on the trampoline


Another Afternoon at the Zoo

Okay… so it wasn’t an entire afternoon.  Our household has been a little under the weather lately, and I think we all needed a little fresh air in our lungs.  So despite not being all better yet, we spent close to an hour at the zoo today.  While it may not have done much for us physically, it did a lot for our spirits – which makes a BIG difference.  Hopefully we’ll be all better soon, but at least we aren’t feeling as blue since making our brief escape.  😉

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Day

This Path We've Chosen

And here’s a bonus picture today…  me peeking out from behind my camera while looking into an animal enclosure (with a mirrored backing).  I like the reflection on the closest pane of glass too.  🙂

Me, peeking out from behind my camera to say HELLO



Here it is folks… proof that spring has sprung on the Canadian Prairie.  Wow!  Can’t believe we aren’t still buried under snow…  it is still March, right?  We’re usually still partially under snow in MAY!

Yep.  Can you believe it?  Little growing things popping out from under the autumn leaves (don’t know why folks insist on raking them up, they are SOOO good for your yard).

little growing things...  tiny green sprouts of something...


It’s a dog eat dog world.

Okay…  this is kind of a random image.  LOL  But this is one of Lily-Ann’s toys, that I think we can say for certain is now a dog toy.  The dog’s dog toy.  They must have dragged it out to the yard at some point during the Winter, and here we find it, during Spring thaw.  LOL  And the funny thing is, this isn’t a little stuffy.  This thing, at the narrowest part of it’s waist, is about 14″ across.  So how they got this out with no-one noticing is beyond me.  LMAO

stuffed dog laying in my parents back yard

Dog Eat Dog World...

I took this picture from my parent’s sun room, looking down into their back yard.

Amber & Ainsley

The wee girlie and I headed out just after an early lunch to meet our dear friends Amber and Ainsley at the park today.  Amber is my most trusted friend, and Ainsley is one of Lily-Ann’s favorite buddies.  It just kinda worked out that Amber and I met, and met again (a couple of times) before becoming friends.  By chance we are on the exact same page as one another on pretty much everything, from politics to parenting.  LOL  And we both had baby girls three months apart…  (just before becoming good friends).  Fate kept throwing us together until we took the hint.  😉  So it’s super awesome that, through our friendship, Ainsley and Lily-Ann have a built in buddy.  😀

Anyway….  I took my camera along with us to the park.  Only snapped about ten pictures, and two of my favorites happen to be of Amber and Ainsley.  Look at Amber’s face.  Nothing more wonderful in the world than the way she is looking at her baby girl.  You know that wee girlie is treasured and loved beyond measure.  🙂  Lovely!

Amber Jones and her daughter Ainsley playing at the park

Amber & Ainsley

Red Squirrel

I love Spring…  mostly, I love the reappearance of all the life that had been hiding beneath the snow.  🙂

This little guy had been watching us while we were out walking.  In the Spring, Squirrels are fearless.  I couldn’t believe how close he let me get before scampering up the tree.

little red squirrel

Red Squirrel


Singing:  “It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring time, everywhere you go…”

snow melting on a branch

Melting Snow

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