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Bowtie Man

A day, like many others, with multiple photo shoots… one after another…  But today, a hidden gem.

The first time this fellow walked by us, we remarked to one another how he looked like he should be meeting a photographer in the park.  I’d have loved to photograph him, but I was there working for someone else.  But then, near the end of our shoot when we happened upon him sitting on a bench, I couldn’t resist again.  So I snapped a couple shots, handed him my card… and 30 seconds later we were on our way again.

But seriously, did he not beg to be photographed?  I could let him pass by once and feel a small sting of regret…  but to have passed by him, seeing him a second time?  For the 30 seconds it took to raise my camera, shoot twice, hand him my card and walk on?  I’d have been kicking myself.  So yeah.  I took advantage of a spare moment – because someone looking this fabulous just MUST be captured.  😀

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