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During the Roadmap Saskatoon Conference

Loved the composition here…  just the way a teacher happened to place her things while listening to a speaker, and loved the way the shadow is playing and interacting with said subject matter.  🙂

glasses, a pen, and a clipboard


At “The Egg Plant”

Today was the first day of Road Map Saskatoon’s sixth annual conference.  This year the topic is sustainability in business.  I’m working as the official photographer for the event, which is much different than my usual photography gigs.  But it’s a good opportunity to broaden my skills, and to take in a fabulous event at the same time.

This shot was taken at the OADBT building.  In it’s former life, the building was the old egg producers plant.  Though the only thing remaining from those days is a beautifully old, stained, concrete floor.

oadbt, the egg plant...  meeting room.

at The Egg Plant.

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