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Phreakin’ Layout!

Okay, so I’m back to scrapbooking.  My first LO (layout for non-scrappers) went together super easily and quickly…  and considering it was the first one I’d done since WAY back in the Spring, I was actually pleasantly surprised by it’s ease.  This second LO is another story.  BUT I think I may know what the problem is.

I hate the template.

I figured I’d used a template for this one, just to help speed it along as I didn’t really have much inspiration prior to starting it.  But after sitting down with it on THREE separate occasions now, it’s just wrong.  The spaces where I clustered, ignoring the template, look great.  So I really think I just need to trash the few hours worth of work I’ve done so far, keeping only what I have in those small spots, and work from there.  Honestly?  I think if I do that, it will come together quickly.

I didn’t realize I hated the template before starting.  I saw a couple LOs that others had done using it, and liked what they did with it…  but it’s just not me.  It’s too…  ohhh….  I don’t know…  too square.  LMAO  I’m all about free flowing and following your scrappin’ whims.  And this template is just too PLOP there-ya-go.

I should have just started by looking through the kit I picked and seeing what inspired me…  but I tried to take the easy road, and, well…  it made the whole thing a lot more difficult.  😉  Lesson learned.

my little pony, pony persona's Prairie Lily and Fairy Berry.I figured I’d take a break from the LO from hell by making something cute and little.  So I have a new signature file to use at the couple of online forums I frequent.  LOL

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