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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The last of the four Walt Disney World parks is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I realize it’s cliched to say it, but while it’s the last it’s not the least.  Hollywood Studios is AMAZING!  I’ve already shared the photos from the girl’s Jedi Training School experience, which was totally incredible and jealousy inducing, but that was just one small part of our day.

There are just a TON of character meets at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the lines were minimal compared to many of the other parks.  There’s a bunch to do, yet this park doesn’t feel quite as overwhelming as the others (of course, by this point we had our system pretty much perfected – which really helps).  And it’s not totally kid-centric either, which was great.  This park definitely had the broadest appeal, with everything from Star Wars to the Muppets to Phineas and Ferb to Pixar’s greatest hits to classic Disney as well.  We loved everything about this one.  It was fabulous!

Everything Old is New Again – The Muppet Movie!

Tonight we took kid-kid to a movie…  the new Muppet movie to be specific.  And I am SOOO glad we did.

It’s honestly a great time for people my age to be parents.  All the things we loved are being brought back, and having kids is the perfect excuse to love them all over again.  True, some things that are being brought back are in a slightly more adult form (like the Thundercats) but some things are still perfectly, joyously, wonderfully for kids and us kids at heart (like My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic).  It really is the coolest thing ever to be able to share something you loved so much, with someone you love so much.

The girlie and I both love My Little Pony – and we watch both the classic shows from when I was young and the new Friendship is Magic series too.  I’ll admit to still having many of my childhood MLPs (and a few more I’ve collected along the way, including some mint on card items), and it’s so much fun to help her build her collection of G4 (as collectors refer to the ponies currently available in stores) MLPs.  Damon, the kid, and I all watch Thundercats together too, which is so much fun to share…  and the Muppet Show is right up there for us too.

It was truly truly awesome to watch Lily-Ann during the new Muppet Movie.  Watching as her eyes got wide, and her grin got so big I thought it would crack her face.  Watching her tap her feet, and dance in her seat, and listening to her sing along with some of her favourite Muppet songs.  One of my favourite moments was when, in the quiet theatre she exclaimed “Oh! My! Goodness!!!!  It’s NPH!!!!”  Yes, a love of Neil Patrick Harris is something else we share thanks to growing up in the age of Dr. Doogie.

I have to admit, I enjoyed listening to the other members of the audience as they too enjoyed kid-kid’s enthusiasm.  Little giggles and “awwwws” of adoration came from around us at her visible and audible appreciation for the movie.  “Mommy!  Mom!  He said ‘Steve Martin’!  I know him.  I love Steve Martin!”  …all together now:  giggle giggle “awwwww”.

Of course the movie had it’s doofus moments too, it is the Muppets after all.  But I really am SOOOO glad we went.  Seeing them on the big screen is so worth doing.  Seeing some classic Muppet moments (like the introduction to The Muppet Show) that big and that loud was amazing…  and hearing my daughter singing it, barely contained by her big movie theatre seat, was incredible.

So yeah.  I don’t often gush about a movie experience, but this one really was an experience.  If you’re my age, and you’ve got little ones, you need to take them to see this movie.  And if you haven’t already?  Hit your local library for some The Muppet Show DVDs…  it’s SOOOO worth it to share something that you loved with someone that you love!

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