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I really do wonder if you…

…are getting sick of reading about my exhaustion?  Because you know what?  I’m exhausted.  😉

I can’t help it.  After working at home all day, picking the girlie up after she got home from the lake with my mom, then attending TWO board meetings?  Well…  I’m exhausted.  And I’m likely to stay that way – at least until the end of August.  LOL  At which point I may consider going into hibernation until Spring.  I’ll keep you posted.

Things with Camp fYrefly are progressing.  It’s starting to get super excited.  We’ve been looking at applications, choosing campers, youth leaders, and adult volunteers…  We have a program in place with amazing presenters.  We’re filling swag bags, and buying gifts.  We’re working on our program booklet, and planning for daily yoga sessions.  We’re getting things ready for what will be the best leadership retreat yet!  I am SOOO excited, are you?

I was all set to…

…write up a query of a post today.  But then?  Then it got late.  And I got tired.  LOL  Funny how that happens when you work from 9:30 AM till 10:00 PM.  So the interesting question is going to have to wait.  For now?  I’m going to eat me some strawberries, maybe watch an episode of Dead Like Me or Breaking Bad on DVD, and then?  Then I think I’m going to crash for a good long while with no plans of waking up until at least 10:30 or 11:00 tomorrow.  LMAO

I truly love my work.  But yep.  Work days that last from 12 – 14 hours?  Make for LONG freakin’ days.  LOL  I do have to admit though, it’s amazing how quick time passes when you are so deep into it.  😉

Do you hate it when I…

…basically post to say I’m too freakin’ tired to post anything interesting?  Well, you might not want to read this then.  LOL  Because that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

It’s seriously been a long freaking day.  I am sooo beyond exhausted at this point.  Instead of my usual bedtime at around midnight, I’m seriously considering turning in, like, now.  Yeah.  My brain really just isn’t functioning at a reasonable capacity – and I need to be sitting at a reasonably functioning level by tomorrow morning.  LMAO  So, I hope you don’t hate it too much, but I’m posting to say I’m too tired to post.

Night all!  😉

Bento Boxes?

It appears that if I’d sat down to write my blog post as soon as I’d arrived home from this evenings Camp fYrefly board meeting I’d have had a ton to say.  I thought, that if I took a few minutes to just relax with my husband next to my sleeping daughter, that I’d still have as much to say.  I was wrong.

Now, my brain is tired.  My brain is pooped.  My brain is ready to sleep.  Perhaps, a small part of my brain has already gone to sleep.  😉

So instead of sharing all the exciting things we have done, all the exciting things on the horizon?  Instead, I’m going to write a brief post on Bento Boxes.  LMAO  That’s right.  Bento boxes.

I want one.

We eat supper during our board meetings.  And being on the board, and on the committees who report to the board, that’s a lot of supper-time meetings.  I’m currently using one of my moms tupperware containers.  Just a pink plastic round thing with three compartments.  And, while it does work.  It’s my moms, and it’s tupperware.  😉  So I would like a bento box.  Which is basically just a nice version of what I’m using (and it would be mine, so I could return my moms container to her).

Sooo….  got a lead on a bento box for me?  I’d prefer to shop local if possible.  But I haven’t had any luck just yet.

I love this one:

But I’d really like to keep this purchase under $20.  Isn’t it a gorgeous set though?  Mmmm…  love it!  LOL

Chicken Pox

Well, we’re still battling our way through the dreaded bock pox.  Poor kid.  At least she got some real sleep last night though.  The couple nights previous came with very little rest – which makes everything harder, but especially so when you are sick.  So I hope you’ll forgive me for the short blog post.  The girlie is resting, so I’d kind of like to be doing the same…  but still lots of work to catch up on.  With her being sick, it leaves me little time for Camp fYrefly or TD Photography business.  She’s my priority, that’s just the way it is (and the way it should be too).

It’s been a hard day.

Today has actually been a really hard day.  I’ve moved from being angry over this whole thing with the GPC to just being sad.  I can’t help it.  I feel I’ve let down so many folks.  The whole situation has made a liar out of me, and that’s not something I take lightly.

Because of being away, I’m behind in my work…  so I’m seriously busting my butt to get caught up.  Which means I’m tired too.

Then, I pick up the girlie from school only to find out that she has wrecked the hemp necklace and bracelet I gave her (that I had given her just that morning).  Now…  she didn’t do so from a negative place.  She took them apart so she could share the pretty flowered beads and semi-precious stones with her friends.  But that didn’t change the fact that it hurt my heart having her destroy something I gave her.  So we had to have a talk about how mommy-presents matter, and wrecking or giving away mommy-presents can hurt mommy….  which just added to the craptasticness of the entire day.

So I’m tired, I’m sad, and I’m just worn out.  Not a great day.

Then tonight, my Dad called me.  It wasn’t about anything big or important…  He called to tell me that he  bought some tiger tiger ice cream for the girl.  So that when we come by for a visit, he’ll have a treat ready.  And that was a good thing on a day when I desperately needed a good thing.

Thanks Dad.  Thanks for thinking of us when you didn’t have to be doing so.  And thanks for buying a special treat with the girlie in mind.  And thanks again, for calling just to say “HI” and to let us know.

It’s been a hard day…  but that was a good thing.


…as the wheel turns

So, just as I get better, the girlie is up for her turn.  Isn’t that the way?  She’s not sick yet, but I can feel it coming.  The moodiness.  The sleepiness. The irritabliness.  Wait.  That’s not a word.  Okay, maybe I’m not ALL the way better yet.  😉

It was a long day.

But I was able to get a little work done.

I put in a few hours this afternoon editing photos.  However, I’m not on the desktop computer, so I’m unable to share any.  Sorry.  Though, I don’t think I’d have done so anyway.  This was a “boudoir” shoot.  And while some folks have no problem letting it all hang out for the world to see (and seriously, kudos to those of you who have the guts to do so) that’s not the case in this instance.

Can you believe I’m still sick?

Seriously.  It’s been well over a week now.  I think it’s high time I started feeling better.  Jeepers.  😉  Of course, all of the excitement the last couple of days probably didn’t actually help me any.  While very cool, it was a far cry from the rest a person fighting off a virus should be getting.  LOL

So while I’m still stuck being sick, I can feel that I’m getting closer to the end of things.  My symptoms have changed.  They aren’t getting better, but they are different – so I know I’m moving through this bug, even if it’s slower than I’d like.  All the echinacea in the world isn’t speeding this one along any.

The biggest problem for me is honestly the exhaustion.  I can deal with the sore throat, the coughing, the runny nose…  the exhaustion is definitely the kicker.  I am just so beat.  Constantly.  And being constantly exhausted leads to bad blogging.  LMAO

Missing posts.

Boring posts.

Rambling non-sense-making posts.

Posts about how tired I am of being tired.

Posts about how sick I am of being sick.

Nothing anyone wants to read.

And for that?  You have my sympathy and apologies.  😉  I hope you can forgive muddled, fuddy, blurgering, sickly me.

Still sick…

In spite of my excitement over the huge numbers generated by my groupon, I’m still sick.  So the long hours I’ve been putting in answering questions, responding to emails, and streamlining the booking process have taken their toll.  I’m absolutely burnt right out.  Happy, but needing to sleep and get this bug out of my system.

For those of you who have purchased a groupon,  THANK YOU!  Your support is truly overwhelming.  No one expected these kinds of numbers.  Even Patrick (the groupon guy) estimated about 70 total sales…  so the fact that we are now sitting at 185 is absolutely incredible!  Thank you, truly.

Now onto business.  😉

The shear volume of emails, FB messages, and phone messages I am sorting through is overwhelming.  I am doing my best to get through everything, and your patience is so appreciated.

The best thing you can do to help ensure that I get to you in a timely fashion is this:

Send me an email with “Groupon Booking” in the subject line.  Within your message include a little information about your family, and the type of session you are hoping for.  The more I know about you and what you hope to accomplish the better.  Also include three  or four dates/times, in order of preference, for your booking.   My email address is photographer at (replace “at” with “@”)

Having all this in ONE message will make the whole process much quicker, and it will help me during the next couple of days as I actually start booking everyone in.  Once your sitting is booked, I will send you an email with your date and time…  and I will also answer any questions you may have mentioned in your message.

Thanks everyone.  I really do appreciate your patience and your support.  Truly, this has been an amazing couple of days – in spite of being sick.  😉  I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of you, and helping to create some incredible memories.


Sleeping Puppy

I’m too tired to post much.  Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my extended family today, lots of great food and great company.  Here’s a photo  of Marnie (the Chihuahua puppy) crashed out in my Grampa’s arms.  🙂

Sleeping Puppy

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