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Hey There Finley!

Lily-Ann got to meet Finn today.  🙂  And it’s the first time I’ve seen him since he’s been home.  He’s doing great, and has got so much personality already (little stinker grins super big whenever he toots).  The wee girlie was just thrilled with him.  And…well…so is everyone else.  😉

I couldn’t decide on one picture to share, so here are a couple.



Lily 'n Finn



Sweet Little Bits!


Welcome to the World, Little!

I headed to the hospital tonight to bring my cousin a Coke slurpee.  She was in labour, and I knew she really wanted one.  Took our great big, washable, insulated cup to the Sev, and the headed to R.U.H.

Well…  While I was signing  in as an after hours guest, guess who arrived?  “Little” Craik (no name yet).  So I showed up at the room only minutes after he was born.  LOL  I totally crashed the birth, but I don’t regret it one bit!  I do feel bad that Jamie didn’t get to enjoy her slurpee during her labour, but I am oh so glad that I got to be one of the first people to welcome “Little” to the world.

He is strong, healthy, and beautiful…  and will never lack for love.  😀

"Little" Craik's little parts.

"Little" Craik's Little Piggies!

For family and friends of “Little”, I’ve got an entire album posted at facebook already.  😀

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy!  Welcome to the most amazing adventure you’ll ever be lucky enough to be a part of.

Pretty Piggies

First a bit of background.

When the wee girlie was a week and a day shy of her first birthday I gave her a pedicure – her first pedicure.  Her perfect little pink toes with the prettiest metallic pink polish (my favorite polish).  I then did mine to match.  Our matching “piggies” just begged to be captured, so I happily obliged.  What resulted is one of my favorite photographs of my daughter and I…  and all that’s in it is our toes.

Today, Lily-Ann asked to do her own toenails – for the first time.  She picked the polish, and covered her freshly bathed piggies in cotton candy pink.  She then proceeded to marinate my toes in a metallic blue.  Again…  our piggies begged to be captured.  THAT is today’s photograph.

The original "piggie" photograph from July 12th 2008.

The Original, July 12/08 - Nikon D70

Piggies in a row, today.

Pretty Piggies in a Row, Jan 6/10 - Nikon D70

This Little Piggie…

this little piggie

Baby Piggies - Nikon D70

Caught the wee girlie playing “this little piggie…” with her baby doll.

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